posted on May 23, 2007 at 6:41 am

almost like im not here at all….
another autumn afternoon
i turn on the oven in here for warmth
sun goes down yellow not red
jim morrisons poetry book open on my table
the babys bitten into each apple …minute nibbles
ipod drones softly next to jar full of coins
little statues of elephants everywhere
is this nks totem?
cactii n bamboos
items of clothing draped over chairs
a little box that once held a light bulb
a jar of silver paint
a book the twillies made for the doodles 6 years ago
a local phone directory with ads for security products
obligation free quote
now theres a name for a band/song/blogge
the bumper n i both dressed in black velvet
we’ve got so much tea says nk
the world is quiet
the luxury of consideration
roof over my head
food on the table
no war here
oh god
thank you
ive been working on my martin kennedy record
done 2 more tracks
very pleased with em too
very very pleased
stayed tuned
sent kiabgoa some new pictures ive done today
fielding some interesting offers
looks like middle earth is deffo on
qld po fest
a mim gig in mel???!!!
a private birthday party?
an exhibitionism??
a new so lo rekkid??
should i have a cuppa tea with matt davison if he comes over here?
(please vote yes or no and i will do as majority say)
oh watch out for a triffids special featuring moi….
and second isidore half finished but will be one day
bought some army shirts today
fit me perfectly
now i can iron on those silly stickers that i like
you know the ones that say
8 ball
flaming skull
fuck (a la the ford logo)
and people can say
you think that guy’d grow up…
but im not going gently into that goodnight
ive hit a new upswing in creativity
and everything is happening faster n easier
effortless the way i like it
my new paintings are extra vibrant
my newsongs are extra poignant
my inner life is vivid
i am calm
anyone would have these results if they did what i do
i sit next to a guy in the sauna today, a friend hes 44
fuck i wanna lose ten kilos he says ruefully
rubbing his rather chubby tummy
do ya eat cheese i asks
oh i love cheese he says his face lighting up
dont eat anymore cheese i says
oh i couldnt do that says he
walk up the hill home instead of driving i say
oh but this is my exercise now he says
i havent got time…..
oh well
i hope you fond of your podgy olde tummy then
a verandah over the playground as they would say
water in pool starting to turn cold
cold water is good for ya
i dunno how it just is
use all yer discipline to make yerself hop in
use even more to stay in past initial shock
swim hard and properly
conscious of your hand movements
breathe out your nose
look youre going quite fast and youre not outta breath
youre relaxed but in motion
just like onstage or yoga
or writing or walking
you are starting to really get across a lot of it
the cold starts to feel real good
are you blogging asks nk as she cooks dinner
tofu sandwiches
mm with sauce n salad
and nothing suffered for it
no blood
no mess
no bad karma
my noise cancellation headphones are a winner
im listening to a lot of luxuria n magazine
howard devoto one of best lyricists in my book
oh yes
check the fellow out
a real wry turn of phrase
a master of the sneer
and unusual choice of words
howie i love you baybee
has anyone heard his latest with pete shelley from few years back?
now its dark
dinner is almost ready
goodbye fiendss
as i sink back into la vrai vie

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