posted on February 21, 2009 at 12:10 am

sentence for the sake of a sentence
pause for space
space for the sake of god
the gardens at night
a great crowd has assembled
king is white and in the crowd
the lights shine
some contraption describes a great arc against the swarthy night
the people laugh and drink
lovers caress in the shadows
the shadows in the lovers caress each other
the trees watch on
one day a nymph will show me their souls
some celebration some clamour
some event
see the people seated waiting
music begins
songs of a man who died way too soon
in some ways died of a broken heart
a man who felt everything too much
you can tell that from those songs
you cant write em like that
if you dont feel it that much
out the back
the usual caste of likelies
him from them
those lot
that man who doesnt like me
that man who does
i wait around
becoming slightly inebriated drinking
its ok its herbal with lemonade
i go on to do my first song
the music pumps me up
look i love to sing these songs ok
i love these songs to death
and maybe i do over do em
the songs tell me how to sing
not vice versa
so the songs fill me with bright energy
i direct my self towards a silhouette
an outline of black
i am pushed around by the throbbing bass
i am riled up by the vibes
i clobbered by the drums
i swayed by the lonesome lonesome steel guitar
i persuaded by the piano
i shook by the organ
i cough up the words
they fill my head sequentially
i open my mouth and they come raging out
manifesting themselves in pumps of adrenochromal surges
so i sing i shout i runabout
got hotter than the heat
the heat the park and other things
where do i go onstage?
freed up of the responsibilty of an instrument
its easy to get into some dreamy trance
look the conditions were not perfect
it should have ben louder
the audience seem a little timid
thats their prerogative
they paid their dinarii
and they have no more obligation than that
still if only they knew how much more they coulda gotten out of us
but nevertheless
it was still very very satisfying
made no mistakes
so make no mistake
i aint a muggles
i aint a beginner
i aint a brawler or a brute
im a man
cant you see what i am?
and i live and die for you
life goes on brah la la how the life goes on
so press yer space face close to mine love
and gimme yer hands
and i was dancing when i was 7
danced myself into a song
a song of songs
neil diamond : and when she comes i run just like the wind
cos wild is the wind
and a word on a wing
and the wine dark sea
and amphytrites hands swirl me thru the watery days
cos all my days become nights
and the nights become white
and white contains all colours
even tho ya think thatd be black
and black is black
i want my baby black
and colour me gone
cos i am
gone Gone GONE!

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