posted on April 15, 2011 at 7:37 pm


the four winds

the seven seas

the three norns who weave our one destiny

the two heads of dilemma

the 31 days of may

i follow my life down this one way dead end street

i see pretty sights

all those things that money can buy

but my pockets are emptier than my head

and my head is a head ahead of itself

my neck cant hold it up

i rolled it through the aching night

and the music was lovely

it was something i never wrote in this universe

something impure that had been drained of all sourness

something soft and warm and all encompassing

the evening itself surrounds me it holds me here

like gravity the darkness pinned to the floor

i am in free fall

at least its cheap

the motion of headlong tumble is mind nausea

i vomit up words on a forlorn shore

the orchestra all floating in the icy northern waters

fiddle splinters all bobbing on that silent sea

the first man to go down swallowed by a greenish night

the light slipped in the sky

my oh my

and then as the engine begins to die

we get a retry



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