posted on June 19, 2007 at 12:11 am

working on the martin kennedy record
3 new tracks he sends up
i hear the 1 st track
i say to jlk
thats it
5 minutes later
i have words n melody
about lions laying down with lambs
when we realise the connection
when all opposites are reconciled
all in a catchy melody with rhymin’ words
and everythin’…

scarlet kilbey
aka the bumper
aka the woofle
sits on my lapp
helping me drink my soy n rice milk smoothie
w/ banana n dates n flaxseed oil
dad dad dad she goes when she wants some
bye bye she says when the smoothie is gone

im painting like a demon
just making up for lost time
i guess
all those years i didnt paint
like rousseau who became a painter
when he was even older than me
he single handedly (well almost)
founded the naive school
also called the sunday painters
i think ive detoured from naive now
im something else
post naive
neo naive
impressionistic futurist naive
i might do a cardboard box for bonzo
oh no
its recycling day
and the garbos took my masterpiece away
maybe you can still find it on the back o’ the truck
its a rococco box with imagist binklebonks
its mans basic inhumanity to man
in a cardboard sculpture
it expresses the ineffable bifflehonk of my grondleworth

the rain drizzles on n on
aurora left the back window of the falcon open
and the car has a nasty damp smell
the sun ventures out for a few minutes
and then pisses off back behind the clouds
everything is soggy and waterlogged
the sandy loamy soil
the weeds n plants
the papers on the ground
the ants dash to n fro

could be expecting a kev carmody concerto at oprah house
early nexta yeer
snap back jack
these images of london
these illusions
oh im looking forward to that
and the queensland po fest
wherein i will do 2 lenny cohen songs
suzanne is one…
no thats a song for me to do
cant decide on the other one tho
everybody knows maybe…..
i dunno
any suggestions fiendss
im also gonna be reading the whole of froot machine
in one crazy burst
and talking about songwriting…
im a bittav anexxpert they say
but the problem remains
that i cant communicate it so well
and besides
if you were really had the knack
you wouldnt need to listen to some other olde tossa
like moi
pontificating on n on
youd just bloody well do it
or what?
nonetheless i will try to impart the meagre knowledge i have
as hard as it maybe
because it aint a technique
its a religion
its a vocation
im still thinking about songwriting
im still analyzing n deconstructing songs in my head
im still in love with music
and i still think the composer is numero uno
put em together whatta ya got…?
or something in between
why do i love hearin one guy going on
how is little baby left im
and im singing along and involved
another guy does the same
and i run screaming away in embarrassment
just cos of some strange way he pronounces his words
or the reverb on his voice
its all communicating something
only my deep mind can unravel and interpret
just got intermission
by grant n robert
their pick of their own solo work
a dubble cd
boy those guys hadda individual take on writing
forster a weird mix of awkward glamourous and facetious
grantley…warm romantic honest and yes, naive
put em together and who woulda thought it coulda worked so well
i liked lindys drumming actually
tho she aint to be heard here
and amanda brown n i wrote a song a cuppla years back
i see shes registered it now
and i hope it gets used in a movie
cos it was very nice
i guess thats enough for today
and i hope the worlds treating you well
hope all the sickies get better
all the lonely ones find someone
all the ones who wanna get out can get out
and all those who have stuck by me
and believed in me are not disappointed
hey melquiades
if you write blah blah blah
im gonna find you on a beach in delaware
and give you a good hiding!
dude you look like you been eating beast on a skewer!

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