posted on December 31, 2005 at 10:09 pm

big deal
the big 6
does it feel any different?
maybe a bit quieter
but nuthin’s changed
of course not
how would it?
why would it?
a brand new day
a clean slate
a new leaf
start all over with you
inner walls vanish
bright surrounding hover
the future is tomorrow
this is a holy day
that can placate time
we may remain here indefinitely
or leave at once
dont worry
bout him or her
oh, did they say somethin’ nassty
about ya?
it all comes rebounding back
so they jus’ took care of themselves
i cant believe
its all turned out like this
after the sacfrifices
after the great leaps
after the understanding
aetheist science got the blues
you believe the stuff
and they believe in themselves
vishnu waiting patiently
filling up the cosmos
a tiny point
what are you enjoined to do?
not much
yeah maybe
youll never understand during
you have to turn some corners
you have to try a little
you have to hatch out
but only w/ a struggle
im the same as you
maybe had the luxury
of more time
to think
about it all
but thats it…
sometimes realization
is this close
but today
its across a huge continent
where i dont really always wanna go
there is more to this
than meets the eye
i dont know my way either
but we can walk along together
i got a strange feeling
that there is something
so sublime
going on at the bottom
of all this
that its gonna keep you enthralled
for at least eternity
it aint gonna force itself on you
it aint gonna be easy either
thats the one thing
i am sure of
we gonna have to
give up control
we gotta make some decisions
we gotta stop poking around
in the puddles
when we couldve swam thru the sea
you know what im saying
my olde fruit
we still have music
we still have some love left
surely we are on the path
its january one
what does that mean
how are yer resolutions
so far?
have you already said
fuck it
and gone back to ye olde badde ways
youre only human
my young friend
give everyone a break
forget your little self
demand some Goode rock n roll
turn off the tv
dont believe em
when ya know theyre lying
dont go “straight”
you gotta keep the wolvies
from the door
i know
but not the “straight” way
we could already see
when we were kids
that the “straight” way
is not the only way
being a bohemian
means not going along with
the false jollity
fuck your tinsel hollywood
i want a fucking forest
take those gossip rags
and draw a fucking moustache on
paris hiltin’
go on
it makes ya feel great
dont let em tell ya
that bunch is having a great time
look at elvis
or marilyn
or mariah carey
they got everything
whats wrong w/ those people?
if you had all that stuff
you’d be happy
wouldnt ya?
but it does nae work
we try to make it
but it doesnt
you can try and make a torch shine
but it wont if its battery is dead
all im asking you to do
at us
at ourselves, of course
but at them
the guys who organised the witchtrials
the bright spark who dreampt up the inquisition
lets have a round of applause
for the bomb inventors
for the whale research boys
for that goode “straight” manne
who diligently came up with
mr hitler….
nice work
he actually killed off his bohemians
such was the perceived threat to his “straight”
theres a ton o’ guys deserved to be mentioned here
the guys who justified
bunker bombing baghdad
to get those naughty hussein boys
“sorry bout yer neighbourhood dude
but these guys have gotta die”
to all the fucking polly tishans
theyre all fucked
you know it
they know it
always the worst types
you really telling me
in all this country
they couldnt come up with someone
more honourable
more intelligent
more inspiring
more admirable
and him
our ones master
sauron without the charisma
and heart
fuck it
ladies and gents
if youre looking to these people for guidance
thats why
when it comes to choosing
a philosophy
i say
make mine bohemian*
lemme have mah faith
lemme have mah doubts
im sorry
but i dont believe i am just
a evolved monkey
and none of this matters.
this is not my experience
thass why i sing my songs baybee
there just stabs in the limitless dark
theyre not about anything, child
they are some sort of question
i dunno what im doing
thats pretty obvious, olde beane
dont give up
if you just laugh at it all tho
see the fuckin hoax
for what it is
you say
that may be so, mister “straight”
tax me
fine me
send me to your fuckin war
but dont ask me to stop laughing
the “straights” are a fucking joke
theyve fucked this planet
they still are
and we stand back
and we let em
cos theyve got the power
but NO glory
fuck em
join me
this year
and everytime
you come face to face
with a fucking “straight”
i know
im gonna

happy new year fiendss
im gonna keep going in o6
*the term bohemian is trademark reg
the steve kibey corporation
any undue use or unauthorised sampling
may result in persecuton.

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