posted on July 20, 2015 at 10:09 pm


holy god i rambled tumbling headlong into sin

overfond of flesh i charged my wand with medicine

no baptist i was drowned a thousand times

shallow warm oceans engulfed me marine-like

crazy leader of a cult of nymphs n naiads dream-like

in a cathedral of rays my baby prays for me

even from here i fear i can hear the prayers she says for me

i look out of these eyes but i am not no longer he

i am a celt all fluid  a druid having a dream of future shock

my wildest imaginatarium running amok herd and flock

right round the block they are my rock

i am 3 thousand years ago in reality my specialty my fealty

i hypnotise stone with my harps eldritch drone i work alone

i compose some epic fantastic laye  one day and then i chuck the fucker away

and those british women in their woad they goading me i know i’m followed

on albion nights i mingle with the witches oh priestesses without breeches

and the nightshades blurry cast reveals the revels faster than ever

but better later than never

i lie between the she-oak and the pine

but i mean well theyre all semi divine oh fuck they are so fine

off-spring of a spring sacred

they can never be sated and i waited for this as a child of beltane

they say the stars can see us they wish they could be us upon this plane

in marshes and soft swamps in summer i drift between lily and swan

i don the mask at eostres feast i am sometimes seen as the antlered one

i caress the smooth boughs of a beautiful young birch i search her earthy soul

i am admitted into misty history travelling both ways before and beyond

i am the poet in his cottage at the edge of the forest furthest from your mind

where london might one day stand

in summer lying down upon the land i am handed the sky

avalon courtesan blonde hair brownest skin blackest eye

her spells smelling of belladonna she is honourable your honour

her dog is a fox her cat is a lion cub she wields the disc oh and the club

her moon is the sun and eventually it will bring her undone

although i never met her now i will never forget her in albion

in summer my winter i hint at some of my weakness

you speak less to me

in darkness and freezing i guess theres no real pleasing destiny

and longing for that deepest slumber

i just thumbed through a dictionary

in summer when planets align i will take it or make it mine

waking up to a new dream that will still seem real oh if only i could feel it now

standing on the brink i think about the link between devil and doubt

standing in the pulpit i submit to a great spirit that will help me deliver it

talking to a priest i feast my eyes on merciful released dove

a simple symbol of love but then it falls from above and crashes in fractures

i see all my lives like poor traits of myself captured reluctantly in pictures

my angled cheeks my freckly skin you will always know me to begin with

my eyes speak volumes so you read and you feed and sometimes bleed

i never having stood here what good was it to be here after all

i charge like a sergeant at arms in harms sway in times long haul

i digress all you tigresses striped in englands lux gloria

i am wolfbane to my friends sometimes that ends the euphoria

in under my head

in the reedy bed of slim hymnal brook i look around at amphibian limb

in dim nooks under a riverbank under willows i swim with the minnows

in harvest eves sickle moon i am bat that hangs fat from heirloom ash

with my rod and my staff i telegraph a jolt that knocks you to the aftermath

i knelt down i meltdown as i felt the down of some quail like thing

i put it in a song where it will belong if i am not wrong and i fail

and then

i set course and set sail








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