posted on May 31, 2007 at 3:11 am

whats going on?
who turned out the lights?
im a what…..? a human bean on erf?
oh no
not this routine again
im tellin’ ya fiendss and others
i still cant get used to it
will someone tell me whats a’happening baby
cos this thing called life is blowing my mind
people getting really sick n ill all over the place
why cant i do something?
is it my ego that thinks i should be able to do something?
is it a typical male response?
hold on im just doing my wrist inverse flexi-jobs
to counter the constricting rsi
my backs getting better
but my wrist is re-locking
(im doing the exercises coach)
now davem
when i mention my wrist
i hope yer not going all frankie howerd
(the prologue….)
god where was i
people say
oh timebeeing your music heals
but i wanna do it the real way
i wanna cast that bastard out
that addiction
that fucking cancer
that nasty thing in whatever guise it might take
there is a way to do it
sometimes i think its on the tip of my tongue
its gotta be the most easy obvious thing
except for one thing
you gotta have faith
faith in what ? you curious fiendss ask
faith in something including but beyond yourself
even if its just total faith in the process
oh thats not so easy
total faith
so within reach
yet so seemingly unreachable
it means a total focus of your prana energy
of your vitality
of your qi
of your ooomph
of the thing you reckon you got
if ya wanna heal someone with your faith
does it work?
absolutely i believe this
how many people can manifest total faith?
hardly any…definitely i wont be one this turn
oh my motivation is all wrong…
still ….
but miracles are rare in my opinion
down here on erf
everything seems mixed up
or is that me?
the villains appear to be mostly winning
the planet itselfs in badde shape
and i mean badde
(someone out there contradict me fersure)
i dunno
im a bloody olde pop singer…
theyre still fuckin’ harpooning the whales
theyre still clubbing the seals
theyre still slaughtering the beasts in hellish slaughterhouses
theyre still dreaming up reasons to have wars
(im still asking who authorised that first world war
and what do they say now its all over)
theyre still printin’ the goss rags
that make you feel putrid
just like a big mac would
theyre still cutting down them forests
(daddy…whats a forest
its a bunch of trees, darling
yes daughter
whats a tree?)
theyre still laying about watching soapies
theyre still getting obese n anorexic
theyre still having domestic violence
n international argy bargy
theyre still having boy bands and hair product
theyre still doing all that jazz ya gotta love
and the confusing thing
having said all that
there are those rare miracles
i believe
they are rare
but not never
i have found never to be a bullshit word
because ive seen a lotta nevers happen
they said a hurricane could never go below the equator
but one did!
you see we’re in an age where never has lost its absoluteness
is there really anything that will never happen?
ha! i wouldnt like to see it
no not me
never indeed
i believe anything is possibly likely and likely possible as well
i still believe that i gotta ticket in the lottery
i still believe i can get the product n pay no interest until 2032
i still believe that god gave rocknroll to me
i still believe that everything will be ok in the end
but at times i may not believe that at all
i read a badde review of mimesis from brizzy
woman said it made her want to shave her legs…
mm whatta top notch critic….
thats real definitive stuff

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