posted on December 19, 2006 at 6:19 am

guest starring today, for the first time ever !
elli n minna

question 1 : What’s it like having Steve Kilbey as a dad?

E : nothing special really, like a holiday-dad i guess… not that super cool as you guys may think.

M : it feels like I’m supposed to feel impressed, but the truth is that I don’t give a damn… he could be a plumber for all I care..He always speaks his mind, which is good, but sometimes you just don’t want to hear that your new pants are silly! He is not superdad, but he sure does have a great sense of humor! A bad thing is that he sometimes can lay guilt trips on you so you feel really bad..You’d understand if you were his daughter..Like you feel bad if you’re to tired to go to the pool or whatever..Haha…or I don’t know..

question 2 : What’s it like being an identical twin?

E: I would say this is about the 1033434734343944384 time i answer this question, but the answer is always different. Today the answer is : It was perfect growing up, you were never alone, never spoilt.. It’s good now because we share wardrobe and makeup, so i have loads and loads of that kind of stuff.. But it’s soooooo annoying being mixed-up. it’s like people on the outside don’t see us as two individuals, we’re one unit. that’s really wrong. we don’t have any of the same friends, any of the same interests, except clothes and partying i guess.. My worst nightmare would being stuck with her for the rest of my life! ( i love her, it’s not that)

M: I agree, this is the billionth time I answer this question! The upside is that you have someone that you have a really inner connection with, that ALWAYS understands the way you’re feeling and with one look can understand exactly what you’re thinking. But to be honest, it’s mostly pretty bad. You’re ALWAYS getting mixed up and compared, everyone thinks we have the same personality and stuff. SO untrue! If we weren’t related we probably wouldn’t like each other at all. And it’s always this underlying competition; who’s the smartest, prettiest, funniest etc.. Quite tired of it actually….We’re not that special, sometimes I just wish I was “normal”, whatever that is?

question 3 : How did you come to liking The Kooks?

M: Um, I just randomly got sent a Kooks song from a friend who saw their video on some website and I thought they were good, so I downloaded some more of their songs and listened to them this summer..I think their songs are catchy and cute (do I dare to say original?) and I love their Brighton accents, haha…Anyway, didn’t really know so much about them, wasn’t so interested but in November I saw a poster with them on it and that they were having a concert so I went and it was great..I’m not a really big fan actually but I have a t-shirt with them on it so I guess that’s why daddy asked this question..*And the singer is really hot, hahahha…

question 4 : What do you perceive as the differences between teenage life in Stockholm and Sydney?

M: First of all, there’s a big difference between the people in Sydney and Stockholm in general because I think that Australians are more social,open and happier to strangers, like “How are you” from people you don’t know, and I always seem to talk to people I don’t know when I’m here…And that’s the difference in teenage life too, in Sweden, you depend quite much on cliques. It’s not so common that brats and punks socialize for example. You stay with people that are the same as you, and I must say that everyone is very judgemental, prejudice. But the teenagers I know here are really open and invtiting, ofcourse there are ratbags here but you know.. So I would say Stockholm is quite mean and not so outgoing, while Sydney is nice and social…Or I don’t know..

E : Okay, I would say Sydney is like 100 times better than Stockholm. I like the people more, the environment is better, the city is cooler.. ! everything! The girls aren’t as pretty here as in Sweden and the guys are waay hotter here! So that’s just perfect! But I guess I only have this perception because I don’t live here.. Ask me when I live here in a years time!

Final question :
Hopes and dreams for the future?

E : Not getting sick again, feeling like normal in my body, having kids that are perfectly healthy, having enough money, having a nice house in a nice suburb, having a nice clean car and a nice husband.. For my 20’s I hope that I travel around the world, try new things, live and learn from my mistakes, have loads of friends all around the world.. To become a lawyer is my goal right now, but the big question is if I’m up for lawschool for 5 years… One thing I could do is launch H&M in Australia ! I would make a fortune!!! ( the best swedish shop ever… the coolest clothes, the best designers like Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Viktor and Rolf.. It’s cheap, everything is like 20 $ aus.. They have it in every country around the world except Australia !!!! wonder why ? ) I hope I live til’ im old and I hope my family remains healthy and happy !

M: My hopes are mainly to just be a good person and to have a good life, feeling comfortable doing what I do. I want to meet interesting and positive people and I want to travel…I also want a couple of party years and just doing fun things.At the moment, my dream is to be a journalist, possibly a music journalist (sk hates them but WHATEVER) and maye write for Rolling Stone or something…staying healthy and beautiful!

i er….
think im gonna do some more yoga..
and …
i’ll be back tomorrow with the bumpergate report
thats it
thanks to my readers n subscribers/donors
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no no no
everything is confidential
(mrs r kaputnick of ohio
did your husband know you $ent me THAT much??!!)
(and also
mr s hussein of baghdad
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but that was my olde address
an islander bouncer lives there now…
(and he knows where ya live!)
now you may think im being paranoid
but i think with that money flowing
and swelling my coughers
i think the irs are watching me
apparently so many commenters in the u.s.
have sent so much yanqui moolah
down the shute to steve kilogram kilbey
that its created a kinda vortex
and im being blamed as a scapegoat
for your deffy-sit
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thanks, there were mites in the rope…!
thanks to the guy who said
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im coming round all of yer homes
one by one
when ya least expect it
we’re going anti alfa bettic
so soon we’ll be dropping in on all the time being fans
in zanzibar
bye bye

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