posted on July 30, 2007 at 7:12 am

jrr tolkien
what a writer
what a genius
now i see everytime i mention him
some silly american readers have commented about “nerds”
get this absolutely straight
this aint harry potty we talking about here…
i regard lotr as a western classic/epic
and i hold it in the kinda esteem that i reserve for homer
or dante(of whom i am a partial incarnation(some say)(ha ha))
tolkien is not for nerds
nerds may enjoy tolkien
but nerds may enjoy hustler magazine
the movie is not lotr
its just a movie
a good movie
but justa movie nonetheless
now youre thinking
too much nz for olde sk…
well i bought tolkiens “new” book yesterday
the children of hurin
at auckland airport
and i looked up as we landed in sydney
only cos they turned off the lights
oh what wonderful wonderful stuff
i was crying
i had the goosebumps
i couldnt put it down
the scope
the grandeur
the sorrow
like a norse saga
the tragic heroes
starcrossed lovers
the evil villains
now this book
a collection of stories
set thousands of years before the lotr action
the main bad guy
is a fallen god
incarnate in a suit of flesh
you see sauron was merely his servant
and morgoth…oohh hes a nasty one
and the “hero” turin
wow what a fucked up cat he turns out to be
a heavy doom laid on him
the conversations in this book are incredible
morgoth and hurin, turins father
they go back n forth trading insults
hurin says you can kill me
but you cant follow me outta this world
and morgoth says my man..
there is no outta this world…this is all that there is
and he dooms hurin to have the power of hearing n seeing
just as morgoth has
to see n hear almost everything that happens
chained to a chair in a deep pit of hell
and morgoth lays a curse on all his family
that everything will go wrong
that every pleasure will turn to horror
every joy to terrible sorrow
and hurin has to sit n watch n hear…for eternity
its worse than guantomato bay fiendss…
now there are a billion tolkien imitators out there
writing their watered down versions of the real thing
dont confuse em
tolkiens language
the incredible linguistics behind the names
the hugeness of his world and its histories
is breathtaking
a genius
no doubt about that
i 1st read lotr in 1966
before it was at all fashionable
i loved it at 12
i love it at 52
i will love it at 102
if i should live that long
the children of hurin is so good
i cant wait to finish writing this to read some more
a genius of western literature
conceiver of immense gigantic things
jrr….i love you

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