posted on February 26, 2007 at 10:49 am

was thinking about this book i saw
written by the the worlds # 3 intellectual
(how do ya go up n down that ladder?)
using his much vaunted intellect
to prove that god doesnt exist
and im not gonna pretend that i have read the book
i just kinda gave it a ten minutes skim
but the gist of it seems to be
a kinda atheistic scientific proof
along the lines of
we have reproduced mystical n transcendental states
in subjects by stimulating their such n such cortex
or by the administration of such n such
some strange kinda thinking along the lines of
that if we understand the material means by which something
is (said to be) done then we understand the thing itself.
we know how therefore we know why
unreliable facts n figures (i reckon)
about when this or that happened millions of years ago
(like any of us could really know)
the scientists n thinkers of every age
think that they got it all sussed
but nothing like a hundred years to disprove a few facts
and this 3rd ranking intellectual
urges us to embrace darwinism
a new age of reason
everything is accidental n chemicalistic
life is random
its all for nothing
sure sure
we should do our best
i mean he isnt promoting anarchy or hedonism
hes just saying
look we have descended from monkeys
get over yer fancy mysticism n all that malarkey
theres no god
theres just our obligation to be reasonable
and find a rational explanation for everything
this is sposed to free us from the shackles
of the god the number 3 guy is pretty angry with
and so he should be
its a kinda jehovahey allahey kinda god
that number 3 rails against
and here we get terribly sidetracked
and surely is there an other option
besides monkeys or olde testament
how about this one
there was no beginning
everything was always here
men women squirrels whales wasps apple trees thistles stones shells
the whole fucking she-bang
always always always here
i mean its always been here since i been here
and i have no reason to suspect it wasnt here before me
long before me
or anyone
who was around to say
i was there at the beginning
and you know
get it authenticated
so you know carbon dating yeah!
oh the world came into existence on this date
cos i carbon tested yonder rock
well im not so sure
maybe youre not right
and this evolution thing
this accidental thing
i mean this is some compex accident
an accident that imitates design
i mean as a very crude and basic creator myself
of children n songs n blogges etc
i must confess i have come to admire this world
i mean ok
you think picassos great and he is
but he just paints pictures
of the real objects
the creator has created
it goes against all my instincts
to not see and hear
the melodies
the patterns
the great works stretched across the sky
or across a century
the feeling of being guided
the feeling of being blessed
now another thing about #3
he is an atheist
so do you suppose
he has spent much time
mastering the “god” arts n techniques
has he ever been in a trance?
has he ever meditated over long periods?
does he practise any form of yoga?
is he actually conversant with any hindu or buddhist thought
rather than glib quotes?
i mean these things take time to master
you cant say youve investigated god
unless youve taken sometime
to practise some form of transcendantal discipline
its like saying that french is gibberish
before learning to speak french
which takes years
and a leap of faith at the beginning
so has # 3 taken any mushrooms or peyote
or ibogaine or ayahuasca or anything
has he investigated the very real worlds which are but a plant away?
and ya know
i just dont feel darwinism
im sorry
im sorry
where are the birds with half a wing
and turtles with half a shell?
yeah yeah things adapt
its built in
(to me merely another wonder)
but dont go telling people
its all for nothing
unless youre very very sure
i say
think of all the other possibilities
for the explanation of the appearance of this world
and its diverse creatures
than accident or jehovah
and i refuse to let them
prove to me in some equation i can never understand..
that the things i hold sacred and godgiven
are merely blips n blops in a chemical chain
they are that to be sure
but not merely that
no more than someone who has worked out the chords
to under the milky way means that
he understands the songs attributes or creation
or even that he can replicate the song decently
no he has merely deduced one aspect of the thing
so our # 3 has deduced a few aspects of life
or so we may care to think
until the next wave of thought comes along
and in 5 hundred years
if there is a planet left at all
(and folks the christians AND the atheists got us into this mess)
i reckon they would laugh at the quaint ideas
he now postulates as a modern call to reason
and anyhow
modern science is turning towards what the indians
said thousands of years ago
everything is illusion
there is nothing solid
everything is vibration
ok number 3 probably can dig that now
some guy in harvard put it in a handy equation for us
but 50 years ago it was quite preposterous
but the guys who realised this all those years ago
they understood it
because they had mastered the arts of contemplation
they were love in action
and they combined science n poetry n philosophy
n cosmology all into one groovy thing
and they sussed it
and if you do what they did
you might feel it too
and aint it unsurprising that atheistic searches
yeild atheistic results
yes you can find a million things to be angry with god about
you can find anomalies in nature
you can blame him cos you were born ugly or poor
you can hate him cos you were unpopular at school
you can cast him as jehovah from the olde testa
and loathe his arbitrary bullshit
and say thats it im done with god
and then ignore it all
the ratios
the systems within systems within systems
the sheer beauty of the sky which changes from minute to minute
(oh yeah says mr 3 thats just photons n light blah blahs etc)
so what picassos just blobs of oil paint but that dont demystify it
look mysticism is so deeply a part of my life
everything i do has been to glorify the mysterious mystery of life
i cant turn around and embrace this rational world now
i’d rather be a fool in my world
with its signs n signals n beliefs n superstitions
with the untransmittable things i have gleaned in garudasana
in the soft rain on my balcony
when my rational western brain shut up for half a second
and the immensity n the love of it all
and the calmness and the ok ness
and the reason it had to be that way
of course number 3 has his logic and latest equations
i have my songs n my poems
he comes to say that this is it
what ya see is what ya get
take care of it by all means
in fact now you can really take care of it
cos i just proved on page 666 of my book
that god is utterably non existent
i come to say
no no no
oh boy
wow this is weird
can anything be believed here?
im gonna try some things
that these other guys tried
like psychedelic drugs
and yoga
and eating foods that vibrate at higher rates
etc etc
see what results i get
and the results i get
aint really going along with the new age of reason too much
but thats just me
and youll be able to quote stuff at me till the sacred cows come home
and maybe quote # 3 in my comments page
but all to no avail
i know what i know
there are more than one or two or three possible answers
if even finding an answer is the right word
a very human way of looking at things to be sure
beginnings endings causes
these things obseess humans
and we impose them on everything
and somethings maybe
are just there
or another kinda god
not jehovah
but a subtle artistic approachable god
a vishnu in your own heart
a personal jesus
an ideal
a guiding light
a wonderful creator
who tosses off universes as he sleeps
my experience has been mystical
a voice inside me says pursue this
my instincts say no darwinism
are we not men?
my instincts say
you have lived many many times before
my instincts say treasure this earth
but it is a shadow of some real place
but place isnt the right word
and we get tangled up in words
which dont even describe the grace n love of god
as i have felt them very occaisionally
but how could i be me and not say these things
i understand nothing of science
i just still see the sunset and think
i see the ocean on a stormy day and im impressed
i see the tenderness of motherhood
i see the burgeoning spirit of my children
i feel my thoughts turn again n again to god
something out there
something in here
all around
and nowhere
and its so hard to believe
but its all one thing
not even really there
try some discipline before you say god is dead

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