posted on December 1, 2005 at 11:47 pm

not gonna spoil ya with a massive entry today, bloggees
ole sk gotta save his creative stuff for the gig(gle) tonite
treading those boards
the roar of the greasepaint
the smell of the crowd
break a leg you old rocker
rock em
roll em
shimmy stroll like a chicago moll
oh sk you old twinkletoes
you old showbizzy type
its in yer veins
you live and breath ENTER FUCKING TAINMENT
oh man
oh boy
oh sister
oh yeah gotta good feeling bout tonitey
string section my fiends
oh the power and the glory of pop music, my sparkles
the redeeming force of rock n roll
halle berry
clutching at straws
who cares, you fallen angels
you choichophiles
you love it
you need it
we got it
we gonna give it to ya
both barrels
so that you may rock, my villains
so that you may fuckin rock a little longer
before the man bring down that curtain
before sk goes to that big gig in the sky
to rock for eternity with jesus
i leave you tingling in anticipation
i love you
you know it
pray for me as i rock for you
your idle idol
stevie k

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