posted on July 23, 2006 at 11:44 pm

here i am
in the greene room
tucson my man
oh whatta lovely olde theatre
whatta lovely part of town
whatta pleasant 115 degree breeze blowing down mainstreet
thats one way to keep he dope peddlars of the streets
115 degrees
actually its keeping everyone off the streets here
there aint no one out there on foot
around the edges of the towns are forlorn shacks
motels gone bust
ghosts in those dark boarded up broken down dreams mister
people lived n died doing it the hard way
living in the heat and hopelessness
of chickenwire, rusted caravans n wrecked cars
living inside in the airconditioning
the constant hum n hiss of the fans
the absolute omnipresence of the heat
i accept it
and it leaves me alone
like a big dog you treat cautiously n with respect
dont resist this heat
or itll chase you down n dry you out
dont hide from it
itll find you
just accept it
laugh about it
its like a blazing sauna outside
but the desert nights
full of…..what?
oh something
you gotta feel it

the crowd last night were very very nice
the show went down well
i thoroughly enjoyed myself
showing off n being silly
when we lock in n fire on all four
we are inexorable
tim powles getting an energy burst
and the whole band lifts off
like a booster rocket has kicked in
pk n mwp are superb players
they still achieve the thing we go for
with accoustic guitars
we hadda ball
a lot more people there then ya mita thort
seems arizona n the cruchh can kiss n make up now
now tonite is tucson
and its a little more boho arty here than last nite
you know people read rimbaud at the rodeo
no no
im just kidding
im starting like arizona
ya gotta be tuff to live here
its almost like siberia in negative
i reckon i’d rather the heat than the cold
i reckon i rather tucson than glomsk
imagine if yer mum was a navaho indian n dad wassa eskimo
youd have all climates covered
youd be able to handle the extremes
then imagine a boho n a “straight” having kids
youd get a guy who could write songs
read his recording contract

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