posted on November 22, 2010 at 3:58 pm

purple sage

excerpt from an occult diary

everything was moving slower

the roads wound away

round the hills n outta sight

in the lovely eastern district of town

oh those loverly frickin’ gardens

oh those wrought iron balustrades

oh those flowery words whispered in the sweetened air

we were sleeping down the main street

we flew over the ground we tripped lite fantastic

we were hurled by the storm churlish n brutal

we stranded ourselves in bullrushes and lemon crushes

the mirror says it all

i dont recognise anything in there

i turn up at a show in a city

my life in park n reverse

distance to empty thats what DTE stands for

ricky left today packed his guitar n was gone

i forgot to mention easter

i forgot to mention to remember

i’m a forgetful man in my fancy mansuit

i forget this i forget that

i cant remember everything at once

one day it will occur to me

im a man on his way to see a film about a traffic jam

and i’m stuck in my car on the bridge

i approacheth my limit i refuseth the truth

love lies waiting patiently for me

imaginary bondi unfolds in sunset deluxe

maybe a dip in the harbour

maybe a quiet hour in the evening shadows

maybe fair to kill time being

hope its gentle

at last

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