posted on April 25, 2009 at 9:04 pm

the reviews for u#23 pour in
behold : only 4 and 5 star reviews
ah the spirit of the age
a revolt into style
the church get the mix right (finally)
in our fifties (cept tim)
we are finally grande olde masters of rock
like da vinci if he played the fucking electric guitar
like van go go woulda played a drumkit
like andre breton woulda pumped a bass guitar
we have absorbed a thousand influences
each member bringing in his expertise n particular attributes
tim : technical, calm, powerful, deep, reasonable, unpredictable
pete : musical, knowledgeable, perfectionistic, traditional, fiery, exact
marty : intuition, passion, eclectic, wild, inspiring
i will refrain from assessing myself today
except to say
with out me these other wonderful ingredients will fail to cook
i am the alpha and the omega
i usually start things off
let them do their thing
and at the end
i move in and sing
more than ANY thing else in this world
i am a prime mover in the art of songwriting
i know how to get the ball rolling
i understand the processes of creation of art
and for excellence in this
i hail breton
i hail dali
i hail dylan thomas
i hail paul mc cartney
i hail brian willson
i hail peter walsh and gavin mckillop
i hail remedios varo
i hail frida k
i hail marko boleyn and david jones
i hail anais nin
i hail steve winwood
i hail johnny foxx
i hail martin kennedy
i hail robert anton wilson
i hail ricky miami
i hail brian ee-no
i hail arthur rackham
i hail cs lewis
i hail homer
i hail willy waggledagger
i hail neil young
i hail paul n tom verlaine
i hail jeff buckley who had buckleys chance
i hail n r dalton who is an amazing woman
i hail klimpt
i hail ern malley
i hail strindberg
i hail angela carter
i hail grant mclennan
i hail shayne p carter
i hail ali goldfrapp
i hail the black ryder
i hail italo calvino
i hail henry miller
i hail foxtrot and the lamb
i hail hawkwind and the pink fluid
i hail manuel on the isle of marvels
i hail dave mccomb
i hail a cab
i swim 20 laps
i do 2 sessions of yoga
i play bass n sing on tiares new record
(which is quite otherworldly and strange)
i walk back from bondi junction with eve kilbey
i love you eve i say
i love you too dad eve says
i laugh ha ha
no dad
she says
i really do…..

totally on track

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