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i wrote a stupid jokey thing about TOTB some time ago

i dont pretend to know a real lot about tarot really

its out there on the outer edges of my vision alongside astrology

but i believe the cards are getting some good results with people

the cards represent archetypes and/ or symbolise certain attributes

they are always totally interpretable

the man behind this project( is he MEM or the little sighted KP Buk?)

has conceived this deck from a position of real love and enthusiasm

the cards are my paintings and lyrics to go with each card

plus commentary by MEM/Buk

the cards are totally free from avaricious stain

they are purely the wonderful brainchild of MEM

who has judiciously reassembled bits of my stuff

in a way i never would have foreseen

the cards and the lyrics and the commentary

are potentiate signifiers of unconscious or subconscious events

you can possibly probably use them to communicate with the deep you

as well as skilfully applying the symbology to negotiate the universe

the cards are what you make them

if you have faith

if you use them often

if you believe in them and yourself

and you take it all in

i think there will be some very good insight for you

although i myself do not read tarot cards

i enjoy having a deck of them even if just to gawk at some nice objets d’art

you can get a feel

you can learn to jam with the deck

you can play them any old way

like a guitar they can be approached from many angles

individual interpretation is encouraged

there is no right or wrong

MEM has invented many of his own cards

which will not be found in a regular tarot deck

and he has reached back through 35 years of lyrics and hundreds of paintings

and he has felt it out that this is how it would be

his commentary is the binding article that puts it together

some of the meanings of various cards are obvious

others are buried in obscure esoterica

abstract paintings with abstract snatches of lyrics

there is humour too

this is no jumped up high falutin’ be all and end all of tarot

it is an individualistic deck for individualist individuals…

being attracted to it at all is a sign that it would be of use to you

if you just like my work with painting and lyrics

then it is an instant kilbey fix i would have thought

you can dive into that world on a grey day at your desk

or sitting in a park in autumn feeling somethings coming

or on an aeroplane wondering about your destination

pull a card and see what you think

somehow there may be a connection

somehow through a system unbeknownst to me at least

you can figure stuff out that has/is/might be happening

but you gotta put something in

TOTB aint gonna wallop you round with meaning and facts

its gonna insinuate the answers perhaps in your heart of hearts you already know

and so in doing help you actualise the present and future

by giving you confidence in your most secret but judicious decisions

the world works on many levels

i’m in a business where with the aid of wood wires skins and metal

we create music from man made instruments that draw music from the air

it therefore is perfectly coherent to me

that tarot decks can hint of many possibilities to the skilled practitioner

or the maverick geniuses who perceive poetic truths with a little stimulation

for the empath who feels this world thru a thin skin

these cards may speak

to the curious whose ears have been pricked up by this blog

check this stuff out perhaps you have a leaning towards this kind of thing

the deck is constantly evolving and mutating

just like a song changes over a course of performances

the latest deck now contains one of my favourite paintings

which is now recontextualized as the star

it actually is a painting commissioned by ernst kok

and is a painting of neuman from my poetry book earthed

yes neuman is a kind of blond young germanic me

he is holding his syllable gun (whatever the fuck that is)

so you get this card

if you already have the old deck and desire this card

contact MEM and he’ll fix you up with one

so there you kind of have it

its pretty damn special and its very very well done

MEM has paid for and produced the final item himself

an act of faith and putting his money where his mouth is

we split proceedings 50/50

this deck has my blessing 100%

there is no right or wrong here

just an infinite realm of probabilities for you to explore

so it really is whatever you wanna make of it

groove on groovers!






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