posted on May 1, 2010 at 2:37 pm

2nd last night in charlotte
small theatre underpopulated
but ones who there about 200
they lovely-ish
very kind very nice very fair
someone with a strange cartoon voice briefly interrupts my dream
i fall asleep midsong
my fingers my throat carries on
my songs linger in the stormy air
why didja write em sighs the southern breeze
the elms and the pines
lovely broad avenues
the untamed southern spring is busting out all over
truly some promised land but promised by who
whoever it was i can understand why
why the trees are so thick upon the hills
and the clouds race across the unfamiliar sky
and some things seem left unfinished
and nature prevails more boldly
it quickly eats up anything that lays untouched
the theatre has a complicated backstage layout underground
i keep getting lost in one room full of mirrors
after another
its time to go
i gotta pack before atlanta
our last stop
hopefully the best night
go out in a blaze of good old fashioned southern glory
coz this will soon be the end
pk n i flying out sunday from atlanta
now i bid thee all fondue

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