posted on February 23, 2011 at 3:27 am

darkness returning

philly 2 nyc’s and boston all good greenville acoustic show good i have been neglecting my post something came along took the wind outta my sails too busy just coping driving for 14 hour days into night arrive somewhere in darkness my days are filled with a certain sorrow my moral compass is busted i dont know right from wrong whats right for some is wrong for others whats wrong for me is right for them the tour is about to end and ¬†feel anxious i feel scared i feel lonely i feel panicky maybe someday i will/can tell the whole tale a real tale of stupidity and woe a tale that as it grew enfolded more n more people until everyone stood on the sideline shouting at me nobody knows how sad and unsure i am nobody knows what this is like its chaos in my head cha-os last show tonite fly home tomorrow the shows and audiences incredible behind the scenes in my life the shadows multiply i’m lost like a kid is lost like a lamb is lost entering atlanta now its the last ride our little game is over and i cant cry cos i saw it coming no use running take it slow why cant things be easy? i dunno they never are we’ll see wont we?

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