posted on December 15, 2012 at 7:32 pm
underwater room

underwater room

thats it its finished

back at hotel tomorrow i fly home

the racket still ringing on in my ears

gimme my guitar show me where to play

what do i know …i am weary

weary beyond all my lives and years and all my tricks

yeah i sing here

i sing there

good evening good night

here i come there i go again

meeting and greeting would you sign my arm

what does it all mean

dont i want to talk ? (no!)

thanks for everything thanks for nothing

the world still turns and people are still stupid

people killing children all over the world

people fucking with the food and the air and the sea

people saying you can do this you cant do that!

killing killing killing

the people demand more death

we havent seen enough

gimme a gun and i’ll stop all the shooting

gimme a war n i’ll stop all the death

more wars more meat more bullets more bombs

i’m just a singer

my jobs s’posed to be to make you happy

nothing ever changes down here tho does it?

the very very worst people are largely in charge

you can see just by looking at em

they dont care you dont care i guess i dont care

bring on the diversions

sing your song

tell your joke

ply your axe

jump about a bit

the philistines are out in force lapping up smug empty froth

the buffoon prince minces about like a lump

the bilge is pumped out

theyre all drunkburnt and sunk

more fucking wine over here for the staggering herd

rah rah rah

cant trust nothing

back in my head again





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