posted on April 30, 2010 at 1:41 pm

tour nearly over
tour nearly done
boy we hadda good time
boy we had some fun
we gone from the west to the east
playing a song offa each
even back with 2 beast
now in the south
heading towards atlanta
2 more shows
2 more blows
2 more throws
2 nite its charlotte
gonna rock a little
gonna roll some more
them folks go crazy when los church hits the floor
(wanna some more , senor?)
yeah we ease on down the frickin’ road
past the fields past the “yield”s
past the levees past the stevies
past the factories
past the shops and the malls
past niagra fuckin falls
past flashing signs n bouncing balls
i weary i teary i strap on my guitar n my career-y
i sing i blada bling
i do my little dance routine
cant remember where i been
i grizzled sozzled pickled tickled bickering snickering
i shout move groove pluck sometimes i really suck
i getting old i getting cold
i getting hard to keep hold
i do a mah yoga
jus’ like i fuckin’ told ya
call me slim
call me Him
call me bright n bloody dim
call me weird with my kingly little beard
yeah babe you aint met me before
yeah man well my axe is at the door
yeah steve i bet yer throat is sore
yeah steve n i cant believe yer sleeve contains even more
the sun is shining down in the south
i let the beams bounce round my mouth
i let the dreams mine the deepest seam
it seems my dreams are on beam
it seems we live
it seems we die
it seems all i think is i i i
greedy little bastard i am
i want my jelly n my jam
i wanna save the little lamb, ma’am
i wanna eat pure
i wanna take the cure
hell i aint got time to be demur
killer go killer go killer go
you pushing fifty six
you pushing against the establishment bricks
(the pick of all the uptight pricks)
you drive on thru the american nite
5 daughter
thin fine hair
red underwear
sculpted calves bisected in halves
troubadour media-whore banging down some fuckin’ door
not going gently…i still aint ever ridden in a fuckin bentley
yeah i a contra diction
yeah i fact AND fiction
nearly sixty i got more poke than most folk
i can tell a good joke
i am an approachable bloke
i got my allies
i got my axis
i got my fiction i got my faxes
i got sunshine i got rain
heard you comin’ back again
2 more shows
2 more close
2 more reap what ya sows
i sing the body corporate
i sing the words that you forgot
i sing your life
i sing your childhood
i sing your death
i sing with belated breath
i sing on the moor
i sing out there on the flaw
i sing for the poor
i sing because i cant do any fucking more
i love you all
all my lovely little fans scampering about
this great wide world make me wanna shout
see ya in carolina
nothing could be finer
except when the sun n moon do a sixty niner
or having all the tea in china
see ya

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