posted on August 17, 2010 at 8:30 pm
memories…..where will they go…?

same place as dreams i guess

same place love goes when it leaves us

same place as everything

into the churning turning void

the void which swallows up even time

a horrifying nothingness

a lovely extinguishment

ego rails against it

weary sinner longs for it

all roads are leading to it

suddenly its all over

soul and spirit separate

one last look back maybe if youre lucky

relive your life in some brief flash

compressed into a moment of everything

nights days words people places

glorious triumphs bitter defeats

good deeds bad deeds

is anybody out there keeping score….?

slowly all traces disappear from this earth

your clothes get given away eventually

no one remembers yer name

no one recognises yer photo

youre  just a grey blur in the background

youre  just a plaque on a wall no one reads

youre  just a number in a great catalogue thats meaningless

all those grand plans

all that thrashing about

all that stuff you learnt n forgot about

all the folks who loved n hated ya

all the money you earned n blew

left handed right handed handsome or ugly

yeah the void is there waiting impatiently

quiet huge inexorable

everything disappearing into its great maw

until its all gone gone gone

so far gone

n away

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