posted on October 8, 2008 at 4:06 am

tiny tiny tiny details
huge empty spaces
fill em with songs
fill em with art
fill em with the best drop of humanity
picture yourself on a boat on a river
and the water swirls with meaning in fluorescent greens
and the birds are all whistling a song by spiritualized baby
and the birds are all tweeting just for you
the jungles of south america are calling me home honeyed one
the panthers i see in my head i cant paint
baby i can almost taste the bitter vine
that bubbling slimey cup of the universe
that strange power
wanna lift off through the starry canopy
wanna penetrate the firmament with my burning spear
i wanna walk with jesus through the streets of santiago
i wanna tame the monsters that live in equadors blue lakes
deep in the jungle she may be
i wanna be
you think i am yer ordinary 21st century man….?
oh no
dont tell me its true
i got these crazy memories
some one else is coming through me
like a mark fading up through the paint
like an instrument blowing in a cacophony
like a reading on psyche-o-meter
like birds feeding in a field
some random brute or shaman
lemuria whispers that voice i know
whoever takes over as i fall asleep
living out his sub-life in my dreams
all my triumphs and defeats
all my sleepless deep sleep
pitted against my self
facing my darkest fears
if my dream double is a murderer
then what does that maketh me ?
if jehovah dont like my veggie offering
i say hes a bloodthirsty old yob
and i aint burning no altar to a butcher
tell the people white trippy moses
says no hurty to other things
(unless they do intrude ‘pon yer house
then you may dong them)
take your paintbrush and go into that darkness
paint yourself into an amen corner
and then take all yer best greens
emerald green
light green
sap green
olive green
marine green
cyprus green
cool grey
the jungle
the snakes
the smallest deadliest movement
eggs hatching in the rotting log
my people were magicians
my garden was full of magic plants
i talk to the trees
i talk to the flowers and the moss
i am a madman see me fly
i am in the jungle you painted
you are henri rousseau and i’m lying in your jungle
i am a naive painter and jaded rocker
i am world weary
my shoulders stoop from the weight
i am a sloth man
i eat and dream of lemuria
i turn into a screaming macaw
i drink down by the black swirl
i hunt in the blackness of sleep
i ravish your women in the astral planes over silver argentina
i am a wolfe and i howl
i am a jackal and i slink
i am a jaguar run out of registration
the jungle baby
space baby
the fucking stars in the sky
the romans
the hindus
the great rocknrollers
these are my oeuvres childe
the internal realms of madness
the inner world of nameless beasts
i am the dabbler
i am the meddler
i am the guy who said
let me try
i am the killer
the pain and lady killer
the time killer
the honey moon killer
the dream killer
he who murders in his deepest dreams
he who roams the deserts of deleria delerium
the nightwalker
the immaculate fool
the necessitator
the underlined n undersigned
who is coming through me
reveal yerself you swarthy olde lemurian stranger
yes look at me and weep
my black hair
my brown skin
my black eyes
my white teeth
i am i am i am
its over

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