posted on April 3, 2008 at 8:59 pm

the city is a jungle
the couriers run like rats
cars steam and push against the lights
angry faces desperate faces cruel faces
train tracks and oily patches
meters tick away and lifts hiss
robots empty the trash
crushing the neo-soda cans
and Big-Chok wrappers
and used up reddy-fones
into a miasma of radioactive sludge
with a half-life of 1 million years
and a half-brother in strontio-cadmium ice
drones n clones sweep the streets like grey zombies
dressed in their uni-forms and hooked on Fog
the bridges sag under their burdens
as the dead river rises and rises up from its awful bed
the weather is gloomy amongst the scrapers and towered communities
winds whistle eerily through the cables and wires
machines chatter and boil in rusting rooms full of engine
childrens faces peer from windows and are whisked away
the throb of music or the hammer of industry…who can tell?
oh my head aches with each thought
oh my nose burns with each breath
old posters flap on the walls
the black ryder playing at the melan-colisseum
carol l haslem sold another tower in district 7
a talk on astral pollution at the erskine institute
the druglords new album ” leaf, bark or crystal”
recorded live in nicaragua
Happytime lite anti-deps and now in cherry flavor!
comedy nite at slaughters
grace bros tours of the necropolis
dudes of neptunes new mindload “blip”
there were also smaller pictures of naked girls
and messages like “spirit escorts…here or there….”
“Queenies Ghoulfriends New Full Ectoplasmic Slide”
i was wondering if Queenies was still open out there
and if you needed an appointment
when a door opened in a wall of apartments
and a geezer in a para-suit came out
brandishing the picture of a female woman
and an envelope containing one thousand new euro-dollars
“Are you from the Time Being private investigations” he asked
i nodded and pocketed the dough
i checked out the photo of the chick
hmmm…angelface implants
new teeth new nose new hair
modulating lenses on her eyes
just like every other woman
in BoomBoomtown
“yeah…i’ll find her .”.i said
muttering “somehow ” under my breath
“you better not balls this up” said the geezer
he grabbed my arm and squeezed hard
“ok ok ” i said pushing him away from me
” shes as good as found ”
i turned to leave
he tapped me lightly on the shoulder
i turned my head to look at him
“the boss said either know…whatever it takes..”
yeah i know i thought
as i trudged back up to my office
in the olde theatre district
either way
you know
whatever it takes…..

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