posted on June 20, 2014 at 8:30 pm
saturated blah

saturated blah

however tomorrow may come

here it is still now

the clocked toll beat understands the momentary loll

my factory mind bashed out phrases

like a bad fix on the veneer of some thunderbirded rod

the falcon swings through the eastern streets

the sky is irradiant and inflammable

i crash and burn in the leaf that spirals around in the non wind

a mention of forever quickly and forever is gone

it cannot be reached or apprehended

my beastly auto crashed the gear in the grinding traffic

we were stuck in a car with the stuff

nd someone jammed a needle on my favourite track

in the snow and wilderness of a huge graveyard outside stockholm

in a stolen car outside a factory by the train tracks

everybody arguing everybody complaining

everybody quiet in the wake of a white shot

i look out the window at an endless winter

the radio plays something faintly

there was another life somewhere else

people lived in the sun and surfed the aquatic billows

but i was sitting here forever in the stolen car

there was no movement

behind my eyes a warm universe had opened up

behind that universe

lay incredible certainty and safety

beyond the snow and the trains

it got cold in the car but we just sat there

in the softest snowflakes that melted in invisible implosion

as they came into contact

it was just before lunchtime

perhaps it was tuesday

the slow shudder of the tracks

the distant planets pulling on me since birth

head opened so help me

voice muted dampened inside your ear

intrepidly saying almost nothing

except maybe



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