posted on July 5, 2013 at 1:14 am


where the black snouted night delved into hillside

a golden sun emerged tumescent and ablaze

behold a lilac lake of  blooming tree

a silver gallery of mirrored fish flash

untrammelled panelled oak soaked light of afternoon

the ritual of forest glen

the other time of men

now evensong is calling

vespers sung by lifes own hum

roaming through these star cracked places in new lothian

yes and my companions sloth and the crazed blackberry girl

my rubiest dreams of opalmarine

my sentient thoughts go running abreast in fields of teetering amethyst

the trappings of a despotic tyrant with my entitled free mantle

i explode in hyper semantic priming that pumped up jumped up mind machine

mind machine throwing it all together as quick as this

electrons interpenetrating  the very wall

we hear that old future call


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