posted on July 21, 2010 at 4:45 am

me n the human bunny aurora justine kilbey

i’m just getting by
i have an unwanted problem at my house i cant seem to shake
nothing can move forward with the problem here
aurora is feeling ok i guess
her voice is a little squeaky
i have an interview with the wonder full denny daniel on
on thursday night new york time 9 pm n then again at 12
or you can open your itunes page radio tab n find flashback alternatives
under alternative (gee, duh)
its gonna be a great interview (i hope)
done prior to new york show this year
my new timebeing web page is looking great
its gonna be up n running soon , real soon
26 th july they tell me as the planets align for my e-empire to begin
we gonna have a lotta stuff to start n more being added all the time
there will be much to see n do
tomorrow i go back to working with simon starling
feeling kinda underwhelmed with my inability to go forward
but i will
my nature is to suffer , overcome and then move on
i have before and i will again
heres to new and exciting times
your ‘umble ‘ero
your unscientific scribe

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