posted on May 23, 2015 at 9:38 pm
neighbour hood

neighbour hood

continue to be confused

now i am a monk in this garden

contemplating jesus neath the gentle belgian may side sun

larks song as my theme all along

every gentle trimming cut to the hedges and trees must please nature

st etienne at the fountain praying for peace in the triple worlds

the past present and the future lined up like lovely girls smiling hallelujah

time flows from christ above this earth clung to by man and ox

christ in his golden city surrounded by devotee and no need for locks

this precarious life is protected by a thread

this meadow pouring through space into my fragile head

this butterfly leapt from its chrysalis as the light fled

this blood measured in the night the stars have bled

this flesh upon these bones like a suit i take on and shed

this sound of evening leaving us nothing instead

a part of everything i am

nowhere at all

nowhere to fall

christ with his lamb

meandering rivers co mingle never single strands throughout the land

forest refuge during deluge on my high hill listen so still

the swift and the crow down below alight on the vines

the flowers that line the canals edges like valentines

in reflective little eddying pools i see the steadying images of headstrong fools

in mirrors in ghost rain plane i hear the keening voice of a hawk

falling from a may side sky faster than the universe can talk

dropping in on the hare through the burning silent air

in a simple room where i eat bread and contemplate heavens pearling gated homestead

by candle light and gospel fire a cracking flame within the heart

silver box of forgetfulness

reminding me of the emptiness that is not darkness

finding me at midnight embers inner semblance of a glow

god given remembrance of things i could not know

in contemplation and repetition of his one thousand names

each attribute a famous virtue it wouldnt hurt you to proclaim

in a cosmic state of flux our saviour sun

maybe warms another blue earth

where sweet life has begun







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