posted on September 4, 2014 at 9:18 pm
music munch

music munch

outside the rain falls on glass buddhas and wall gardens

inside your coastal poet in a house alone

in the flash of a brilliant mind snapped a shot

a shot of single malt music steeped in a vault of laughing noble gases

this is all the present you will ever get doomed to be here and now

then then and gone

music what is music but the underwater song of the wrong man

my guitar suddenly so heavy

a staggering of the voices that emanate from me

ten million electronic tricks have rendered me powerful and mysterious

the emptiness of those words i invoked revoked of all head strength

my fingers which pluck at strings learnt their tricks inside out

my limitless clip of beat

my brave danger face as i negotiate a minor seventh on a hallucinated steinway

my dancer and accomplice the woman Imogen Gestalt

here is my song in one word : believe it

but it will take a whole Lp

as i sing you to your sweetest sleep tonight

oh devotees you have waited long for the soul of music

in shadows on rue de sentimental you sat at cafes singing along

at my gig at the sorbonne i recast myself as a genie

the theatre was torn down by the elements themselves

i sit in no judgement with my axe and my murmuring voices

the simple task falls upon me to slay you in song

outside the spring rain fell tho we were bored with looking at it

then the sound of a million mellotron krsna flutes ten leagues away

the erupting beat of earth orbiting sun orbiting star orbiting itself some huge unnameable thing

suddenly i focus in on the track with the 12 string singing its unison part as in mission

the things you never think about as you doubletrack an echo

a catalogue of events laid out in sound pleasing for some reason

this is my music month i bleed crotchets i vomit up symphonies in shards

oh i ooze opera with swooping portamento contralto i congeal

among the rocks i find a baby groovin’ moses gonna rock old pharaohs saunters

yeah honey rock n roll and levitation and plagues of saxophones

yeah the bash beat of acid jelly roll over back banging gong ringing song im sure singing

do you deserve to serve great Set the groovy serpent god who coils in yon tree..?

maybe a spell in the darkness of obscurity

maybe a well and from it

you can drink








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