posted on July 23, 2007 at 4:43 am

the west and the east merge
the setting sun
the rising sun
the way is a long way away
god reach down to me
in the void of hedonism
in the absence of intoxicants
a grey day dawns
without energy
without qi
without oomph!
i am i am
being me of course
being the being you like me to be
hurtling over hurdles that curdled in my mind
a jumped up jumper of low highs
me and her and little her
drive around in dappled sunlight
we buy food
and watch the monsters of fashion and music go by…
what is the being in me that feeds my thoughts?
some one or two
where mathematics merges into music
where science merges into mysticism
yeah yeah
or where old merges into vintage
all those leap years i looked before i leapt
the lean years where i put on weight
the salad days i ate chocolate
the days of wine n roses were
the days of poppies n poppies
what is that poppy spirit
that it craves to dominate us
out thinking us at every turn ?
like a cold that lasted for ten years….
everything dancing with everything else
or jostling up alongside
the poppy the human
the human says
oh sweet plant
oh you take away my pain!
and the plant says
yes i do
but you dont know the price yet
but the human doesnt hear that
or doesnt want to hear that
and the poppy spirit
enters the human
and its very hard to get it out
and it will pull every trick in the book
to remain
you see the grape on the vine
spirit of dionysus
says drink me down
and laugh and be merry
the coca leaf says
i will make you superhuman
the pot plant just smiles and
its resin catches the sunlight
the ergot on the rye brings visions
of heavy hell n hello heaven
the peyote explodes inside you
and you see for the first time
these things are not remnants of the sixties
these are eternal spirits in eternal contact with mankind
i have known and wrestled with them
i see them now for what they are
neither good nor bad
they are
and they show neither favour or mercy
they contain the best and the worst
they are agents of maya befuddling us
they are in symbiotic relationships with us
just like a fever
they need you as a host
to perpetuate them
to take up residence
where youll never find them
silently asking for more of themselves
fighting back hard when you fight them
showing you great beauty and harsher truths
mans need to change his consciousness
you cant sneer at that
you cant deny it
you shouldnt outlaw it
it is a need
like food or land
but it is a journey
and journeys must needs have pitfalls and setbacks
and there is always some kinda price
you mightnt realise it at the time
some journeys cost more than others
some are very dangerous
and most travellers perish who go that way
i love intoxication
i always have
i always will
im prepared to pay the various prices
but im weary of it at the same time
realising it ultimately is a dead end
what a shame our natural condition was not serene or exstatic
a shame that truth is found in wine
cos so are hangovers
any way
im gonna do some yoga
itself a consciousness changing thing
except when its all over
you feel good
not hollow
like me

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