posted on February 27, 2009 at 12:06 am

i emerge from the sea
i am watery and grave
lord of the deep
oh you know my name
oh you sure know my name
i am that angry earthshaker
i am the blue haired one
i am violent and swirling and cold
oh i am handsome behind my malevolent glare
oh i am old beyond any measure of years
oh i am quick to rage and thunder
oh i roam this world
demanding sacrifice
bring me your virgin daughters
bring me your calves with the gilded horns
bring me your reddest darkest wine
bring me your enemies blood
i am simultaneously suave and savage
i am towering over your craft in a narrow strait
i am visiting my monsters in their holes
i am fucking poseidon baby
oh god it feels so good to be me
but my anger never abates
my bitterness
my spleen
envious of zeus
that bastard
lord of sky
me submerged
before even atlantis went down
before lyonesse
before lemuria
before the first man entered the sea
i was
i father bright sons on bitches of women
my boys die on the plains of ilium
damn you troy
fuck you greece
fuck you olympians too
i am the rocker of cities
i swallow ships whole
i explode in a gale of storms
look in my grey eyes
look at my twisted beard
look at my legs knotted in muscle
i am pitta i am fire
i am fire and water
not earth or air
i burn n i drown
immersed in oceania
abroad in akkadia
release those mighty bulls
and see me vault over their golden horns
in crete
in cythera
where i tryst with aphrodite
amoral and dopey
like a goddess of love should be
shes clumsy
she knocks things over
she shows me all her secrets
i think
well now ive really had her
but i still swim to her islands
and i call upon her
in her own temple
i appear like a gathering mist
i whirl my cloak about me
i materialize grey haired and tanned
the slaves tending her sacred fires are shocked
oh my lady the sea god is here to visit you
dont keep me waiting poseidon bellows
in the temple of love in the temple of love love love
how dare he walk in here like he owns the place
i am your master he bawls
i am your lord…
aphrodite deigns to appear
you are fucking rude n pushy my lord
here…take these
poseidon pushes something into her mouth
three tiny round pills
on each
is stamped a trident
oh my lord …says aphrodite
as poseidon fondles her all over
tiny cherubs float about
poseidon swats at them
occasionally knocking one down in a bloody heap
tell those idiots to keep away from me ..he growls
and he passes out
in the wee small hours
he arises
walks to the shore
and disappears under the water
in the morning she finds
a small sea shell
in his place

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