posted on July 28, 2014 at 6:30 pm
blue ray

blue ray

when the electric strike hits the sky vein

and explodes in the earths head like a whiteness opaque

this whole reeling planet is circumambulating a little son

if you took just one minute to look under the rivers hood

and search the pockets of a woodland strip

hipped to the waste of blue max alpine air

lake redolent ripples away and away in water coloured waves

the owl busted the mouse falling out of heaven in dread beating wings

and art nouveau frog left croaking on a dying tree

their reflections are the shadows of other days other times

when i lived as another faraway in some painting

oh yes a lovely world slipped out from vishnus gorgeous pores

as he dreams in the causal ocean

and from him emanate baby universes like this one you hold in your hands

from the great unnamed event that has at least one thousand names

as scientists get nearer to god in a queue outside a bank

they begin to approach him in wonder

with their little measuring sticks and their little gauges

like ants who argue over weighing the moon

the guys in suits who say only war will save us

but blessed are the peacemakers

i looked before i hesitated

and i leapt before i was lost

my words are some mere distraction

from the horrors around you

it was a real pleasure

to feel you read me today




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