posted on January 17, 2007 at 8:56 pm

speed wobble
pickup momentum
oh loved n used
what i’m saying is :
approaching earth
strangers reunited
starflesh you are indeed
things go round
no beginning
no end
man didnt get here
man dont come from amoeba
man always here
man is man
we regard
we destroy
we build
we examine the skies
we predict
but we never know
but we always feel
we feel….empty
we feel….disconnected
we feel satisfied….temporarily…
we feel this n that
we alone of all creatures
can ignore the obvious
this place we find ourselves in…..
i mean can a system just…
system within systems….
mechanism within finely tuned machine..
all these ratios…
all these tiny chances…
all these if we were one inch to the left
or one degree starboard…..
or what were the chances really…
cmon, use your eyes
a man of learning in a pompous n assured tone proclaims
“I have discovered that x = y”
and hes swiftly ensconced in the ivied towers of knowledge
and he says let me fill up these rooms with x=y men
and soon if you want to study the great machine at all
youve got to be an x=y man
of course it doesnt matter that its obvious that x actually = x
in fact not only doesnt it not matter
but it becomes anathema
the x=y men like their positions n priveleges
x=x are ridiculed even persecuted
x=x say
look at sky
look at the children
look at the rivers
look at ourselves
the x=y men say
“we have found this piece of bone….”
the x=x say
do you suppose….?
and the x=y men say
the x=x say
could we…?
the x=y men say
“thats impossible.
we have calculated and simulated and projected
and despite the wonders you believe you perceive
in actuality we have disproven absolutely for all time
that x may ever = x!”
after a few more years
nobody could even remember that x=x
even tho they could see it right in front of them
you mean im supposed to believe this?
occaisionally some poet or mountain climber would scream
children would rub their eyes and say
daddy i dont think x=y
and the parents are shush shush go quickly back to bed
“we have found even more new evidence”
proclaimed sir denniss hoggjoy
proudly displaying a piece of rock
of course i couldnt understand why the rock was important
but then im too stupid to understand, arent i?
a special scientist came to our school
and he had a picture of the rock
and some of the children actually got to hold the picture
and everything
and the scientist said
isnt marvellous that x=y?
and edna currie
whose slightly mad said
i think x=x sir
and everyone had a really good laugh
and the scientist lit his pipe and smiled

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