posted on January 19, 2015 at 10:55 pm
dope vignette

dope vignette

i hang out my clothes on the line

on a still grey day

it is exactly the right temperature according to my skin

some soft summer i move in

garfish swim through the sea pool

then raspberries and banana

coffee no sugar

smoke the good bush

lovely music from somewhere

drifting through the universes

beyond all chagrin

the clouds are white and curling about

they billow above the billows below

life is quiet in the empty communal garden

the bees half asleep even as they hum through the air

the pollen guiding them everywhere

i go inside so dark and cool

i lay on a bed of dreams and wait

beautiful dreamer a wake unto me

the pleasant fall into the mind

yeah take me somewhere else for a while

i am out of ideas

and its time to take time





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