posted on May 13, 2012 at 6:35 pm


its been a bit quiet for SKPers i admit

but coming soon i’m going to lay 2 new tracks on you that I’ve completed

it’ll be a download thingy

it shouldn’t be too far off

this week i’m flying to sweden to visit family

i will be staying 2 weeks only but hope to catch up with everyone

i guess

the church are ‘aving a break for a while

yes we are the best band in the world but breaks must be had

just letting you all know that i’m ready to start anytime

when the break is over

i think we are just too good to ever stop….

i hope we can keep going a bit longer

we gotta play in england again

because we had that great leap forward and the english will dig it

i wish i could go and play germany etc too but maybe cost prohibitive

i am working on mimesis 2 at the moment

its sounding good

of course

its great to work with polinski …hes the best mixer of his type in aust

um other bits and pieces but that’ll do for now

more one off collaborations too

should all be all right!




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