posted on November 16, 2010 at 4:02 pm

hedonist shot

kilbey your mind

this is the day of choice

choose night choose day

you dribble out your feeble burst

you swim in the green n golden sea quite a sight to see

you talk about yerself i blah blah blah

you use yer gadgets touch touch touch

figures change in yer accnt

thanks texas david neil is under resurrection

david neil on the slab twitchin’ like a bitch

david neil coming back to life

ricky miami breathing life into his grooves

soon david soon

soon you will sing your long lost songs to the people of universe #23

was there ever talk of love asks neil

the days bring dark news my friend

all things put together must fall asunder

we see the dissolution we see the wide spread anguish

we see the diseases striking us down in our prime

we gotta live tho we gotta prevail

cmon sister i exhort thee from my wobbly pulpit

alkaline fine raw raspberries n cauliflower stew

all washed down with adams ale

swim through these days sleep through these nights

sit on a deck chair n eat breakfast

lie in a hammock listening to the vast silence

lie about the past lie about the future lie about the house

i drive thru streets in dream

my car purrs my tires roll my wheel turns

my daughters have flown

all five in stockholm now i wonder if its snowing

i turn up for church rehearsey

the boys ha ha

the instrumence

the talk talk talk

lets decide this

lets decide that

i cant concentrate

everything all behind

sorry bout that folks

premium sk still coming folks

so is david neil now thanks

david neil dead now so long so long david

baby im all confused see me drowning drowning on land

please come up to the cockpit i need a hand

boy i feel sleepy guys

i could just curl up here n ………

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