posted on September 15, 2006 at 9:30 pm

both my father n his father died when they were 52
my grandfathers name was stephen kilbey
he lost an eye
he was a soldier
he died of pneu monia
my mother reckons it was tb
i only ever seen one picture of him
worried skinny dark haired man
a moustache
grey london buildings fading into a forgotten past
englands rain n grime and classes
you might as well had a caste system
my father never spoke of his father
sometimes when i was little
i ask my dad about his father
but he would drift off in thought
and it seemed it made him so sad
so i never really pursued it
i got the v in steven so people could call me steve
im sure my lost grandfather got called steve n stevie sometimes
i mean was steve invented in the 1950s?
anyway so you see 52 is a little barrier to get across for me

you probably wundering why another blog
comes so hot on the heels of the last
and that is cos today los groopos churchos
stumble into action
hit the ground running on empty
late and lost as usual
so i probably wont have time
cos i’ll be so busy waiting around
for the blah blah box to get plugged in right
so i’m sittin’ here earlyish
knocking out this now
well obviously i’m doing it NOW
i couldnt be doing it then
could i?
and i thought some of you
might be getting bored with that other stuff
and you going
cmon timebeing
how bout dem electrick geetars
well baybee
and this is just for you
those e guitars gonna be out in spades
cos today we start rehursing
in a secret location
in an ordinary leafy springtime avenue
space rock will be invoked
in a dark dank basement
concealed in rock and lead
lies a chambre of sound
lined in lincoln green carpet
and impressionist wallpaper
surrounded by all the very latest gadgets
there in secret
in hiding
the germs of cosmic rock
a chord here
a clatter there
the bass slides into tune
somethin going tic tic tic
eventually you keep going you got space rock
apply to your local govt for a generous free sample of space now
space is the place
space is safe for all ages
space is needed
space for the whole wide world
so you see
we are creating more space
and letting it go
thats all

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