posted on July 14, 2006 at 9:45 pm

the sly grey morning releasing
tiny droplets of cold rain but
the wind is warm
its 7.47
which reminds me im gonna be flyin’ to america
oh dear……..
if you look at the total bottom of these black pages
you ‘ll see a site meter and a position on a chart
giving me around the 24 mark for personal blogs
yes im up against em all and im 24 baybee
of course i owe it all to you
youve clicked thru my etheric turnstile
where mangy panthers eat looking grass pie
and you guys have made mee 24
im back on the fucking charts baybee
you gotta love it
i am a blogg star of the early 21st century
check out my meter fiends
see my position
see me whizzing up that bloggladder
on this whole everlovin’ planet
there are only 23 druids and chicas
who are pulling more fiendss to their bloggs
thats dope, my fruits
its fruit, my dopes
its angelfruit
lemme couch it in these turms
i am the 24th most popular blogger
on earth
right now
in this present
fragile as it is
all things being equal
if yall can stay put on my blogg
if i dish the rants by their pants
if i can give ya nostalgia without the neuralgia
if i am yer war correspondent on my u.s. trek
who else is out there charting these rogered waters
the icy water underground
fiendss if you stay right here on this kil-channel
im gonna take ya round america
and this cub reporter dont pull no punches
im gonna give ya the lowdown
and the highup
im gonna look at this place and its inhabitants
thru the eleven year old canberra boys eyes
and im gonna say
im gonna take ya deep into strange parts
and we’re gonna take on the locals with bondi logic
pk will ask if the cream contains milk
mwp will ask if theres anything red in it
tp will ask if the music shops still open
sk will ask have any of you seen that guy with the dreadlocks….
pk will say we shoulda turned left at albuquerque
mwp will say lets stop for a sit down
tp will say just another 500 miles
sk will say did you guys know i was 24 on the blogg charts
the sky here is light grey with drifting darker clouds over it
the palms thrash in the wind
wriggle and shake
doing the tree
a new dance i just invented
the tree

now people
im so pleased with the high standard of comments here
theres statistics about how fast the “straights” are chopping down the forests
(and dont tell me it aint the “straights” cos it sure aint us hippies)
theres some nice anecdotes
theres some encouraging suggestions
theres mr baal n zeus
who does a very convincing nevets yeblik
in 45 minutes i will do an interview with man in florida
where the intelligent charismatic gentle jeb bush is the king
florida what a trip
i aint been there for years
like the gold coast but heavier
what will the floridians make of us?
i dunno
i just like the word floridian

anyway if you stay around on my blogg
and especially if you convert a friend
we could all be part of climbin’ yon charte together
you could boast to yer colleagues
im part of the number one blogg on earth
we put him there
we keep him there
and we could be so self congratulatory
that people will flock here
hoping to be a part of the love
success breeds success
ya know it
people gonna be here cos people gonna be here
and ya know we hoverin round the 700 mark
come on fiendss if you aint got no friends
(like me)
then invent a doppelganger n sign in twice
i dont care how ya do it
dishonesty is ok if its ME right?
any means for our ends
our mean ends
and our ends ending meanly
people get out there
preach n proselytize
steal n maim in my name
itll be like pyramid selling
youll all be my original 700
i’ll have secret blog for you
with the troof the other neophytes cant handle
i must quickly pull my war cabinet together
dutch peter you are minister for gruff voices n ambassador to nz
eek is minister for secret police
merrick minister of trees
ra you be merricks offsider, give him back up etc
manfred can you find neumann, hes in a leather house in cologne
where in cologne? but not wearin’ cologne you could say
florian trout secure montana, the enemy is sneaky
i’m personally sending eve n aurora to the u.n.
as my reps with veto tu tus
its a done deal
im going to the top of this game
im gonna be # 1
and im gonna rule
and then
we’ll do things my way

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