posted on October 13, 2006 at 1:47 am

“god aint jive
i can feel his love…”
ian hunter wrote that
is it that simple?
you say that word god
you gotta thousand people screaming this n that
get it straight cats
god aint religion
just like i aint my reviews
or interviews
i have arrived with god
common sense has prevailed
i have never observed things to just be
especially beautiful poignant things
spread over skies or years
or tiny inticate almost invisible things
all perfect tiny machines
there is a perceptible continuity of thought in motion
i have felt god fill me up
god inspires me
i dont even care if it IS all make believe
cos its working for me pretty well
and certain things only between god n myself
that just dont go into words
but i’m happy to discuss it
im open to be dissuaded from my naivete
by your convincing arguments
and i’d rather this than
most other things
i made a tiny contact
and it was wonderful
all the things i pursue have led me there
by the side of flowing rivers
in the dry desert
onstage n inprivate
behind closed doors
standing in a crowd
pages n pages
book by book
fad over fad
song into song
oh yes mister i agree with you on one thing tho
god is not easy to find, nor at your beck n call
just like learning a language
or an instrument
you need some subtle attunements
theres a lotta background noise drowning out the earth
why should god battle that racket
just to point out to you the bleedin’ obvious?
god also doesnt need an olde washed up hippyrocker
proseltyzing on his behalf , i guess
and my right hands lockin’ up
from too much typing
the enmore here in sydney
2morrow the national mal-borne
2 more nights to rock
before age wearies me
and yonder axe is laid down
for the final curtain call
and the last line is sung
and the last guy
to walk out
of the last show
is on the last bus home
and as he climbs into bed
at the last minute
his wife wakes n says
“why, gary, youre all a’tremble, m’dear”
and he says
“debbie, its the end of an era”
and the last star
of the evening

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