posted on May 29, 2008 at 9:40 pm

despite my serious attempts at hedonism
the evil day has arrived
the clocks never stopped ticking them minutes away
even yesterday tho we still arguing
elli comes over and starts explaining to me
what a bohemian is
did you guys know that bohemians
(these days)
*avoid work
*smoke pot
*wear loose or floral clothing
*burn incense
*follow exotic eastern religions
*hang round in coffee shops
wow thanks elli for the lesson
no no no daddy
theres also these rich people
who are just pretending to be “bohos”
but are really the “straights”…
hmmm no kidding
well ya learn something new everyday
apparently the twillies rented a hotel room last nite
for their final sydney fling
apparently minna is quite smitten with someone
elli maybe too much in love with herself
to give her heart away
she has certainly taken my rampant egotism
and given it a 2008 girlie twist
both of them are stunningly beautiful
slim and svelte
the shape of the heads
their jawlines
the high cheekbones and
wide set apart eyes
i temper everything with the knowledge
they both still have syringomyelia
or however you spell it
elli has a tiny scar at the base of her head
i mustnt judge her too harshly
for her bubbly vivacious style
i never had a bloody big cyst pulled outta my head
when i was just 15
minnas is still there …being observed
they never talk about it
so i dont know how they feel
can i blame them for their need to “live it up”?
i just hope they dont fall into any of my old ways
attempting to do that
attempting to run from all the demons plaguing me
well drugs n drink never stop those demons
in fact they give em more momentum
they fuel the bastards
running from pain….ha ha ha
its a fucking fast runner , pain
it always outstrips ya in the end
blah blah
(sound of old rocker choking back a sob)
at 4pm today
the australian experiment is over
not only that
but scarlet adores karin jansson now like an aunty
we cant walk up the street where they were living for a while
of course in many ways scarlet looks like a little elli
so it wasnt hard for karin to get sucked in
but theyve struck up a wonderful friendship
and scarlet gets so excited to see her
oh boy its gonna be real tough
it aint gonna be easy
no no no
they turn seventeen next week
as my mothers husband said when he first saw em
after they arrived last year
in his coventry accent
“all the boys in sweden are having a year off, are they?”
boys in sweden
the year is up
get ready
the twillies are back!

just treat em good….ok?

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