posted on June 13, 2009 at 12:17 am

sitting here backstage in sf
with mr ricky of all people
last night ….la
well we were ok
not the absolute bees knees
but we were ok
yeah ok is ok, ok
i dunno
i almost transcended but not quite
a few hours sleep
no real dinner
and 2 gigs in a day
will do that to a 54 year old prophet of rock
there we were delivering intelligentle ravishing rock
with all the best words n music my brains could buy
tim powles had an heroic night
a huge sweeping swathe of percussive thunder
god….these guys can really play
after gig no rick springfield
we hang around for a while
n then we’re off to lebec ca for the night
like half way to sf
i get to bed circa 430 in morning
i wake up at 7 n cant go back to sleep
i do yoga
n we drive to sf
too many people here now to write anymore
too much chatter
must do interview
have massive blisters on my fingers which got soft
and bass strings rip my flesh
you need calluses n i lost mine
each pluck i silently say fuck
gonna have to try something like methylated spirits
but no one in the states knows what that is
it turns blisters into calluses
or that liquid bandage goop
i should try my wonder gizmo on it
yes we did do an i/view with hustler
it aint no joke
dont hate me for it
we didnt talk about t n a just r n r
flowers in our hair
hare in our flour
i sing the body empathetique
i sing the wholly manchtra
i sing so i exist
i exist to sing
a song bout you
breathe in
breathe out
rock to the east of the west
the least in the most
steve kilbey too much too late
goodbye l.a.
gotta lotta other places to glow

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