posted on November 21, 2007 at 7:07 am

your modest humble hero
(unless youre one of those carping harping nagging pricks)
your jack of all trays
your source with nice ingredients
your re-nay-sonts man
your velvet voiced bricklaying fool
your immaculate poetry vomiting buffoon
the olde one
the mean one
the druggy one
the smart one
the one who travels by thought
nightwalking delver of mind
stupidly eloquent
hideously handsome
wishful genie
strangely mangey panther
devil squirrel
yesterdays man today
captain paisley
the giving hedonist
the thinking mans thinking man
the thinking womans everyman
the old womans consolation
the crazy womans valium
the young womans dream uncle
the stupid womans opposite
the white womans great hope
the black womans mannish boy
the childrens good daddy
the aliens peacemaker
to the dead i become closer
to the living i fade from sight
for the hungry i am mouldy bread and muddy water
for the philistine i am fucking anathema
for the jealous i am over rated atrocity
for the devotee i am the nectar of conjugal love
for the stranger i am the familiar
for the familiar i am the stranger
to the weary i push energy
to the unitiated i offer no solace
to my enemies i bring defiance
to my well-wishers i bring neutrality
to my helpers only deep appreciation
to my critics only scorn
2 years of blogge
2 years honing my craft
growing up in public
when im already so so olde, childe
2 years of suffering the potshots
of various antagonists who drift through these waters
2 years of nice comments too
embarassments and triumphs
marvellous writing in my very own style
after all the people who ever wrote in english
my writing is instantly identifiable
one sentence you know its me
like my songs
i do things my way
and i have carved a very small niche
tttb is quite a small success
some of you cant help yourselves
dont feel guilty
this blogge is always a work of love
i aint giving you ironic bullshit here
i believe my blogge is some kinda literature
i believe all the great writers would have utilised this technology
i have stunned myself that day after day
i have churned this out of the thin air
its a challenge to ones self
writing becomes easier and easier for me
sentences appear fully formed in my brain
my blogges are written by intuition
saraswati goddess of the arts i honour you
i love to write
i write to love
so what?
take whatever you like
make some scornful remark
or appreciate my old fashioned dedication
i pull myself apart here
i examine and i report
i fly off the handle
i hector and i abuse
i am a petty tyrant of a nonexistent realm
how long its gonna take to get into your empire
i am a wordslinger electronique
i am a honey tongued liar
i am the old school
i am the new school too
a revolution of the heart
we need to become our real selves
follow my tragectory since 2001
how i was then
what i am now
i shed my skin and i change
yet at the deep heart of what you like
the stuff that some is still digging after 25 years
my aesthetic standards remain constant
my unenviable task is to prove that old dont meant cold
because not me
im heating up
painkiller is the best solo record ive done
i doubt that youll even debate it
at this late stage of the game
i am marshalling all my skills as before
except now i throw in patience and a lighter touch
up against myself i am improving
i wouldnt mention it
if i were some old hack trading on milky whey
in commercial terms i am a tiny amoeba
crawling on the spasming body of the giant corporations
as they sink into nonexistence
due to an unforeseen turn of events
but i know the young me
would love where the olde me has taken his schtick
via a few other mes whove tended to neglect it a little
ladies and gentlemen
i give you 2 years of time being
there you go
compile it
quote it
steal from it
be nice now
without nice
its just not nice…..

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