posted on October 22, 2007 at 4:21 am

easy day
old sk goes swimmin’
smokes dope
plays guitar
thinks about nothin’ much
don’ wanna lay nothin’ too hard on ya
and then
again and again
cant seem to please every one
why fucking try?
cos thats the kinda man i am
i try to please everybody
usually pleasing none
yeah thats ok
least i dont work for the man
least i just hang around day in day out
a gig here
a meeting there
a session tonite in fact
singing sing singing
not work at all
god i am grateful i dont work
writin’ popsongs aint work
it might be hard to write good ones
but it aint work
nor is writing po-etry
or painting with pastels
doing yoga
watching the baby
doing chi gong
picking up kids from school
listening to pod
eating crisps
drinking blood orange juice
miranda came over last night
she is stunningly gorgeous
a cross between patti smith and uma thurman
with freckles and swedish accent
we are on each others wavelength
edgy girl tho she is sometimes
elli behaving very aristocratically
and swanning about
aurora has a lovely shaped head and stunning jawline
eve is energetic and works at another level
scarlet kilbey is a porky naughty little gooseball
my wifes very pretty
my brothers are nice
my mothers birthday tomorrow 23rd oct
happy birthday mum
there will be a card arriving before christmas
with a million dollar cheque
my sisterinlaws are lovely
my nieces n nephew are nice
i should be happy
the prime minister is a sad squeaky little creep
is he crying, dad? aurora asks when she sees him
the opposition leader
a smug school boy debater type
leader of the fucking LABOR party
lookin’ to buy a 5 million dollar HOLIDAY house
ah…aint you on the wrong team mister?
howard is a belligerent weasel
rudd is a twittering hamster
neither give a fuck about the “people”
neither is what i’d really call a man
both are effeminate in various ways
howard with his squeaky high pitched voice
rudd with his lips
his lipstick looks stupid says evie
and both are thoroughly despicable charisma-free twerps
surely we have better than this
please bring on turnbull n garrett
they gotta be better than these insipid limp chimps
sorry i cant vote for either of these hams
lucky i aint registered

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