posted on April 27, 2008 at 9:26 pm

pinpoint lets in light
who knows?
the inevitable out there waiting
out there somewhere
just like everything
in its place
sequentially discrete
at its proper distance
space between 2 notes
last day of holy days
last chance to repent
i read the skies by movement of the ground
alive in the chrono-rapids
conveyed down times streams
a fork a decision a change
lives end
lives begin
lives spiral away
andromeda rolls over on her stomach
while the red dwarves glimmer on the sidelines
let me watch growls a star as it burns itself away
let me sea says the ocean
let me in cries the outside
let me out screams the interior
complex forces interact
suns meander through human eyes
swirling crimson clouds squeeze out raindrops
grief comes in bursts
the throat aches so terribly
fingers numbly drop
the mirror has aged a hundred years since i last looked
i hide and i hide
no compartments left
i try to build up some layer of protection
the atmosphere flames me up
i re enter too fast
i cannot slow down nor alleviate my terrible momentum
i see the roof of the house
i see birds scatter at the corners of my eyes
i see rust as it eats the cars
i see the traffic snarled in its ambition
i see women putting on their faces
i see women fighting time
i see men weakened by nerves
i see childrens cruel games
i see tunnels in the air through which evil manifests
i see the evolution of morning swelling into night
trespassers whisper as they are detected
lifes got more shocks up its many sleeves
time of matter
matter of time
time n matter n you
half in half out
trying to have your year and live it too
months go sssssss as they zip passed
months unravel around the 13th day
sound blurs
colours decay away
music thrums like a throbbing vein
chattering madness…dont you ever shut up?
baby universe scribbles on the galaxies walls
old planets revolve but have forgotten why
bitter medicines bloom in the starfields
god incarnates in time
god come back here
god we are so fragile
god we are so alone
god i need you now and later
god lemme live for ever
god lemme get everything done
i need rest
i need the rest of my rest
forget all the rest
let me off
let me be
take this cup from my hands
set me down safely
watch over us all
bring calm again
let the panic subside
let sleep do its work
let anaesthesia begin
let forgetfulness in
let me breathe
one more breath
one more thought
one more day
one more time
time starting now
now and always

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