posted on May 28, 2007 at 1:25 am

monday comes around
cant trust that day
mondays childe so fair of face
everyday is anyday to me
i sit alone at home
ive swum
ive qi gonged
back still hurting
(will not bore ya w/that anymoore)
what was i going to say?
does anyone outthere remember?
monday is moon day
the moon
the month
the moons cycle
the cycle of ovulation
the unending thrust of reproduction
all them new ones trying to get born
all them that wanna take their chances
rich man
poor man
beggar man king
silk satin cotton rags
oh dont start me talking
what is this thing “life”
are we/you/i wasting it ?
chasing chimeras
being misdirected by maya
swallowing the illusion and saying give me more
i dont know about you
ive had a weird life
and always something trying to tell me something
my misadventures always end with someone saying
in my mind
i thought i told you that would happen….
repeating an action, expecting different results
thats insanity they say in n.a. and a.a.
you cant turn a gherkin back into a cucumber!
so as my own metaphor goes
im poking round in a muddy puddle
whilst standing in the midst of an edenic garden
but aint that just like a human
weve got this built in mechan-ism…
look what they gave us
and look what we done with it
and yet and yet
and yet
well no surprises
its a warm autumnal day here in n.bondi
the water was cold…about 17
and the sauna was hot
i washed my wispy hair with a little bottle of shampoo
i picked up in a hotel in europa somewhere
i walk down the street in my army shirt w/stickers
white cord shorts
blunnies n odd socks
my noise cancellation headphones blasting krautrock shuffle
my 60 gig ipodd swinging at my hippy old hip hip
i am ageing disgracefully
no i will not become a shapeless gray amoeba
an olde cheezy boozy meaty “straight” man popping viagra n antacids
some waddling walrus in a suity
why is this so important to me
to make this distinction to my poor long-suffering readers
over and over
i dunno
actually i just dunno
its another of those traps i wassa talking about
you know maya n illusion
i may think my illusion is a superior illusion
but its still illusion
some people do want the illusion
and good luck to em
hey theres plenty to go around folks
plenty n plenty of sweet sticky illusion for you
muse : kilbey youre as deluded as anyone out there
yes i am
but im still interested in finding a bit of truth
if it bit me on the ass that is
muse: meanwhile you got a both ways bet going aint ya?
yes i guess you could say that
muse : why do you pretend?
i am afraid to be myself
muse : why?
because it might feel too good
so i pretend n pretend till the bitter end
muse : afraid of feeling good?
as hard as it is to believe, muse, yes
muse: everything you do is convoluted
its all i know
the hard way
the ordinarymans path
muse : your self styled ordinary man makes me laugh im afraid
all of us are ordinary and yet unique
muse : more pretence
muse, you dont amuse me sometimes
muse : thats why you can trust me
you always deliver
muse : there you go
afternoon is here
lunchtime in all the schools
brown paper bags n sandwiches
packets of crisps
inevitable bananas
i remember a kid whos mother packed him celery
and a little rolled up packet of salt which he sprinkled carefully on
i wished i liked celery…
lunchtime in hospitals
say a prayer for the people there and be just happy youre not in there
ditto for prisons and institutions
ah sweet freedom
once you lose it youll realise
jail jail jail
all the people serving time for bullshit crimes like possessing pot
most of the real crims are out and extant, readily available
dont ever go to jail fiendss
you wont like it
that i will guarantee you
its a horror for a man to be locked up
lord have mercy on all the jailers and the jailed
imagine a world without locks
no need
no one gonna take your stuff
muse : a little naive idealism, being?
hey its just a blogg

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