posted on November 21, 2010 at 3:06 pm

maybe fair kill

oh yes i like things too sweet way too sweet

white sugar honey

oh i like it sweet

you say you deserve it sweet

well yes i do

today i feel kinda light headed

what a dream i had last night

i was wriggling across your lush landscapes

i was a blind eel darting in the glimmering shallows

i was walking down this street i was your lover

i was meeting you somewhere and you held my hand

i was waiting for you outside a shop

and you walked out n kissed me

how can you be so many things

how you can change things in my life

how you can sink down on your bed

how you can be so  smart n so stupid

i never know who i’m talking to

dont you understand me by now

oh youre good yes youre good

you really got me now you really got me going oh

the morning arrives slowly its quiet

where am i this room in shadows

i remember your words

i remember what you said

you told me you told me good

do what you fucking will is the whole of this lawlessness

baby i followed your atmosphere to this door

you reached out n pulled me in

your eyes roll back in your head

you arrange yourself just so

i feel lonely today surrounded by these guitars

you made me feel special you made me feel spacious

you made me feel my crown open up

you made me sacrifice my bishop for your knight

you made me feel like i didnt wanna leave you


yes youre nice

the weather is nice

the world is nice

i cruise thru suburbs on my way to work

my car purrs along

it drives itself wherever i’m going

i steer from behind my haze

i think about you slinkin’ around somewhere

wonder what youre doing in this life

larger than life

oh stay now stay here in this life

look after your self now

if its not alkaline its not mine

oh so soothe yourself

you already proved your self

i drive along everysong makes me dream

left right straight ahead dead end boulevard

is there any more of that stuff

man i need an early night

my eyes are heavy leaden

pleasantly languid

just another dream

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