posted on August 11, 2013 at 6:24 pm
throwing the book atcha!

throwing the book atcha!

just when you thought it was safe to get your credit card out again

comes uncollected

which is

earthed my 1986 book

plus nineveh and the ephemeron

which were originally released as a booklet in 1998

(much thanks for that to trevor boyd!)

plus fruit machine

from about 2006 or 7

a booklet about rocknroll

then a whole bunch of poems from all over the place

plus the best poems from my blogge

its 420 pages of poetry and bullshit

it all depends ‘pon how you look at it.

anyway its pretty much the definitive read

if you wanna read some stuff by me

earthed is a funny old book

trying too hard and not going with the flow

still theres some ok things there you may well enjoy

my main memory of earthed

is sitting in the kitchen banging it out on a typewriter

a hash joint burning in the ashtray

the rain hitting the skylight overhead

the rain tapped my fingers tapped

i listened to jon hassel and harold budd

the gas fire burned on through the night

i was too greedy

i am having a stab at sci fi and prose poetry and experimental

all at once

sometimes an interesting melange

sometimes a bit of a hodgepodge

nineveh is a good little cycle of poems

i became obsessed with nineveh

which is a biblical city

i half imagine half remembered these words

it was a mystical experience

it was written in sweden in 1997-8

i was on the gear

i was sad and lonely

perfect for transmitting this poetry

man the snow swirling around me in my apartment on bastugaten

making this stuff up….

the ephemeron came with nineveh

tho it had nothing to do with it at all

it was …oh i dont know what it was

poems and stories from different perspectives

about the life and times of erskine the magician

some shabby charlatan type and his wife

once again its like earthed

it could have been more thought out and less made up

but there you go

i am erskine i would say

erskine seems to do the things i would do

there are some brilliant little bits in there i think

some mediocre stuff too

you decide

and there is all the misc. stuff

stuff i wrote here n there on this and that

about such and such

good stuff mostly-ish

some other things about erskine

and all sorts of things

this book is now ready for order

the first hundred will get a copy of my pamphlet eden thrown in

all books will be signed and if needed dedicated…

and i’ll come round yer house and cook yer dinner and mind yer kids too

anyway you can order uncollected  right now if you want

should get it within 2 weeks one would think

good on you!



‘Uncollected’ poetry book


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