posted on January 28, 2008 at 2:30 am

domes bubble n burble
gurgling drainpipe rainwater water colour fade
city-zens dressed in hierophantic frantic purple patches
underground connexions
offices filled with coloured paper
arrowmint steno-secs
bosses like a phantom
take down a letter….any letter
wanders wanders wanders
yes thats ok im intercom
i am your dream
i am a voice on your radio
i am reduced to these words
i am innnocent in this criminal strip
i am incoherent while asleep
nobody knows me like this
aside you see
all characters have their aspects attributes and weaknesses
your aspect is western
your attributes are science and medicine
your weakness is spiritual ignorance and pride
your heliports are equipped with neuro-soothe
your magnetoriums are filled with filings
your alethiometer is spinning baby starr
daughters of a revo-lution
the heralds of the damn-aged eras
the architects of spaces and light
the wooers of enemy boys
the skies produce hover-kraft and jet pak junkies
the future ha ha ha ha ha ha
still the same old old school fools
pulling the strings n opening doors angel
crack me up it does
i shoot fire
i smoke ice
i drink hook
i sniff disdainfully
i lock in like a missile
to you whom are my destined explosion
and onwards as the residue settles
and the darkness filters life
and in some cellar where a worm plots downfalls of great men
and in a crowd where someone touches you up
and in a graveyard and its suddenly night
and a lonely figure standing in a convoluted fluted window
surveying the wreckage of some modern disaster
weeping and gnashing of teeth
someone famous bit the Dust
a kinda angel in a dump like this
useless cables and pipes flapping in the wind
the antarctic calls me down down down
under the ice
the fumes and the twisted spiral balconies welded in pain
and frosted and glassed labs where we discover a secret
a secret a secret
jab crack sock locke crabbe boone swoon
i cannot reveal more here
no more no more
thats the secret
there is no more than that
which you clever thing may have all ready de-duced
bound and fettered
a sad bad sacred bird encaged
listening to the joyful songs in the trees

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