posted on July 13, 2014 at 7:07 pm
photo of me

photo of me

on the bottom of the old white pool

winter swimming for endorphin fix i ever the junky

endorphin fix from twenty minutes of cold sea water is something baby

it aint nothing

man after that i sit out there and drink a coffee

i am blissed out on my own neurotonics and wow

every now and then i see a beautiful thing

winter arrives like a cold strumpet in my room

am i really in telepathic contact with some animals

or am i losing my mind?

i bought some thing sweet and i ate too much

i wish i could work harder

i think about about god and death a lot

five daughters are treasures i will bequeath for a better world

last night i listen to F/D


i must not say too much

i’m doing a painting

i think about jesus

i think how much he would despise abbot and those guys

its so obvious

have they ever read the bits about looking after yer fellow man?

my thoughts are distracted by the model sopwith camel Chris b gave me

a book of indian tattoo i will comb through to see if i can recontextualise

a buddhist prayer deck from H Heart

i pull a card at random

people this is what it says

those whose minds are

filled with compassion

will never enter a world dark with woes.

no real harm will ever 

come to anyone who 

protects all living beings

and shows them kindness

so i love my buddha

i love my krsna

i love my jesus

i love the god of my understanding

not evolution

not jehovah creationism

i dont imagine you are ready for the totality of my god

i dont imagine for one minute i am either

but i have glimpsed

i have felt

something so fucking brilliant and so fucking compassionate

we are it

it is us

we are all one and separation is an illusion

yes but how to actualise that

i see some smarmy rich dressed up businessman type waddling along

i say to myself i love this man i love this man

some voice in my head going

like fuck you love this man..! you gotta be kidding me!

god says to me tell them this then

everything was and always will be here

our imperishable souls cannot be touched

we learning kid we learning

god says if you really want to work for me go ahead

that bass guitar of yours is a holy instrument capable of transmitting joy

with your words you can describe me forever and yet never come close

the creation of music and art

this gorgeous act of prayer and a wing

that white sheet of paper

that finger on the first note

the first word of your most achingly lovely song

let this heal those who are listening

fucking hell i have given them clues for the last 35 years

smoke some dope and listen to my music

there is sometimes something in there especially for you

you gotta wade through all those songs

but i digress

F/D will soon emerge

all will be revealed

i stake everything my judgement on this one roll

here it is

it took me until now to be able to be part of a record like this

all your preconceptions are mostly wrong

no one anticipated this

some beautiful muse guided all my actions

the band played on and on

we entered a creative realm where we mined songs from other universes

i mean how could some of this not be written before now?

familiar yet peculiar .

the record and sound has more layers that reveal and reveal

you will not be able to take it all in on first listen

you will only know that we have made one hell of a good record

soon you will begin to love it

we all stepped back and let this music in

the words were written in a secret book a strange angel gave me inner dream

how could i have written some of these couplets? where did they come from?

how did 4 musicians stumble across these lovely new but old songs

i dunno

i’m otherwise just a humble bloke in his humble room

humble except i happen to be on a roll and i know this is good

its like something that is purring along so fucking smoothly

walloping and caressing

warm and edgy

the whole record is a paradox

still i cannot explain it

i know a lot of you are dubious

i dont blame you

its hard to wait another few months before we can let it out


i swim

i do yoga

i hang out with my kids

i watch say lou lou and feel a deep parental pride that is surprising

because i am a cynical old bastard

i weep for ll the atrocities committed during last week

and all the atrocities that will come no doubt for the next seven days

the fucking idiots that run this stupid world

the beautiful cats like kip and JT and DR who make you have faith

the children

the future

room for every creature to live their life in peace

grant everything the mercy you would have god grant you

meanwhile F/D is gonna rocknroll your tiny world my friends

wait n see

you gonna love it or else!


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