posted on March 25, 2012 at 9:07 pm

cold fire

baby to my amazement

coddled winter nestling in on thin ice

meet me on memory street i’ll be dressed as human

you must remember me i was in your class

now you some withered imp simply sinning for good

i’m beginning to feel that numb appeal

i long to be lashed by river reeds

i long to be gashed by hammer and red nails

i long for an end to window pain and old times ache

why dont you answer my thoughts anymore

i chase you down in a sideshow in an alley

way down in an operation run by magic dan

i buy 3 tickets one for each world

i buy 3 drinks one for each thirst

i watch 3 times one for each eye (I)

honey i take out my rainstick and i let it slide

oh yeah she deal me king king jack 6 9

huffing and bluffing i overturn the buffet laden with K

that little cheater you oughta meeta no one fucking sweeta

that slender siren cryin’ her shames man theyre just names and games

that cruel cool angel fish i bet you wish you never licked the dish

she dressed like a nurse but i feeling worse and i need to rehearse

she tell me how she want it n she tell me slow

she says oh honey not yet oh no

now the blues may have blinded me but i can still see italy

i mean champagne corks may have blown my sight

but i can see her crouched on under night

now hang on now hang right there on

aint i too old for you i hear my self saying

is a mountain too old for a cloud says she

but hang on now hang on right there on

aint you too young for me i hear me selves saying

is the lamb too young for the panther says she

(chorus of greek women)

is the world too round for the burning sky

is the ocean too deep for the roaring whale

is war too cheap or bloody or wrong

why every soldier should be singing along

i stopped to listen as a mist thickens

is the past too gone for a man to remember

is the future too far for soothsayer to see

is the moon too cold for the blazing sun

is the sun too much for the blushing moon

do the stars fucking care about our lives and our dreams

does the darkness anticipate light with a shiver

the quivering river has entered the sea

and a giant has drunken the sunken underwater

and a god sits alone at the side of a shore

watching the tide roll in and out more

we watch it on tv we watch on the screen

we watch how somehow they colourised the water more green

we notice the god with his dumb LA accent

last week hes in rehab getting off rhubarb boy whatta bastard

last week crashed his porsche into a pillar

he flew into a zoo n set free a gorilla

introducing our saviour unto his killer

verlaine the poet and thomas the miller

under the milky rilke and thriller


i wake up from this poem askance

i fallen asleep in some gazelles pants

i ‘m dreaming in bed and living in trance

off of malarkey street down by romance

where the chimneys erupt in a plume of marantzĀ 

where you ask for a sleep and they all say perchance…?

ok its ten oclock thats enough

(sound of it being switched off)

goodnight …….!


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