posted on July 9, 2010 at 8:37 am

wintry day
grey clouds like gun metal
sporadic rain
sit in my room
writing this
strangely flat
thinking about jesus
thinking about krsna
thinking about the way it can all go right or wrong
imagine all the people who were born today
imagine all the people who died
security eludes us
the street is filled with homeless
humanity and its seven deadly sins
go shopping up at the mall
god where does all that stuff come from
shopping carts full of cans and paper and packets
a cold death aisle full of disgusting bits of corpses
i mean who the fuck is eating chicken livers
how civilised we think we are
and then theres all this blood n guts n misery everywhere
dismembered sheep and cows wrapped in their own gore
all kept cold tho its still going off as you catch its unholy whiff
unhappy parents beleaguered by unhappy children
tv dinners in front of the blaring idiot box
i read a pop magazine
i havent heard of any of the groups …i’m out of touch
christ theres some moronic looking popstars out there today
gormless chubby ponces with silly hairdos playing some mega dome
aw the youngsters of today….there seems to be no coherent fashion
what would i know? i’m glad i’m not involved in it really
guess ive turned into some reactionary grandad
blustering away about the good old days whenever that was
a cold wet night comes down on sydney
sydney aint set up for winter n it shows
i just sit in here type type type
my shoulders a little achey
my head a little empty
my well a little dry…why?
alright then thats all from me at my post here in the antipodes
can someone bring on spring i feel tired dry and (c)old
maybe go out for a walk in the rain
see if it soothes my existential pain
ok then……

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