posted on February 16, 2010 at 1:23 am

we will never understand everything
every question opening a hundred doors
you adore the opening therefore
wherein time slows suspended in viscous nights
and i come marauding your hamlets
i lay waste your virgin meadows
i put your question to the sword
something has turned me red again
something has burned me dead again
but a brute dumb force makes me jerk around
and we both watch your face as you go under the hammer
never truly gone
not gone like time
not gone like sick sweet love
not gone like the forests of antarctica
not gone like atlantis who went down to the bed
with a crystal melodious keening groan
we both come back
we all come back
or maybe not
if some do not
then someone somewhere will understand that
if not you or i then someone must
there must be a reason for what happens
it is the only outcome
a servant to my old nemesis’ opposite
dawn finds me on my side
my vitality and my will hold me together just
my will to go on
to be more
to see more
to explore
my face has sheered off into angles
i was some pretty prints but that was ages ago
in the red light of the naked bulb
i appear even redder than red and ready too
i see it all better through my blurry eye
the colours dilate in some plasmatic schema
white flesh with soft plummy bruises
turning purple and violet blue green
like a snowball gathering speed and size
your white waist flares into white hips
and the white clouds are absorbed in the white sky
i wonder which part of everything
all this will help me to understand
naturally there will always be loose ends to be tied up
the details irritate me however
bring out the things that i like
make it really good or really bad
the years are disappearing underwheel
mind and body need investigation
we are surely capable of more
the seer and the seersucker
the mother and the motherload
the farther off the fatherland
dont go back
stay right now on this very word until it is gone
not gone like the wind
not gone flake
not gone bad
not gone cheap
not gone forever
forever baby
they say in the songs thats a long long time
but nowdays forever is only ever a few minutes away
you can see it if you but have the eyes
the future parading around with its lovely ass hanging out
and forever is sitting there watching
watching watching
making small growling sounds perhaps
whats the time mr wolfe?
the big bad old wolf
christian wolf
whoever wolf
wolfgang amadeus wolf
yeah so forever is like mr wolf
and the future appearing as little red riding hood
and mr wolf is licking at little rrh
his big forever tongue
can you understand this part of everything my dear…?
he has eaten the childs milfish granny already
(who was the past, of course)
and now that slightly handsome angular wolf
with his snaggle teeth and nasty nips
with his lupine lope
with his devouring hope
mr wolf dressed in his mansuit
look his paws are really hands
and little rrh says where wolf?
she does not realize mr wolf is a real wolf
she thinks hes an actor auditioning for a part
what kind of film is this she says sitting up blinking
several men stand around handling the technical details
they laugh and smoke cigarettes and ignore her
the wolf forever however
he opens his jaws ready to swallow
the present as the axeman suddenly bursts in upon us
he cuts open forever to reveal the past
little rrh pulls on her pants sadly
the boys pack up n go home
and the cleaners come in
then we leave
still not understanding everything

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